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Find Someone Else

If you knew someone who lost their spouse just a few weeks ago, would you say, โ€œI know itโ€™s hard, but there are other men/women out there looking for love. Get on eharmony and find one who needs you?โ€

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Gifts to Humanity

A strange thing happened when we went to the cemetery. My loved one wasn’t even buried there, but I found comfort.

I don’t go to cemeteries to visit any lost loved ones, so I was surprised at the comfort that poured over me. Continue reading “Gifts to Humanity”

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We Said Goodbye

We said our final goodbyes to Max last night, January 8, 2020 around 6pm. I have no energy in me to write much else at the moment. I wrote the following while he was sick but still with us. Thank you for honoring our sweet boy by reading it. I may be scarce for a little while.

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