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Chasing Rainbows

Back in February 2012, I posted this poem. I didn’t have many followers than, so I thought I’d drop it in again. A short story told in rhyme. Hope you enjoy it.

Chasing Rainbows
by Lori (L. Virelli)

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Wednesday Words

angel light 460x800 wmHeed the Call of Christmas

Is Christmas about the hottest new toy,
or is it about love and joy?

Is Christmas about which house has the most lights,
or is it about reaching new spiritual heights?

Is Christmas about the most beautiful tree,
or is it about showing our inner light’s jubilee?

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Nature of the Lion

If you can’t change the people around you … then change the people who you are around. ~ author unknown

Nature of the Lion

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The white cat sat scrunched down on all fours.
We eyed each other suspiciously.
How did it get inside my house?

My husband walked by the cat
seemingly unaware of its presence.
I asked, “Don’t you see that cat?”

He answered, “No.
This is your dream, not mine.”
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