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This post is not about me playing funky music. Nope. It’s sort of the opposite. I’ve been in a funk lately. I haven’t been in the mood for posting. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, because there are several subjects and notes stewing, patiently waiting for their turn to be revealed.

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A Cure for the Blues

bday cakeI tend to get depressed on my birthday every year. It’s not so much because I’m aging, although that is a small part. I have my reasons, and they’re a bit personal to write on my blog. But, keep reading and you’ll see how I cured the birthday blues.

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Deeply Personal

I wish this was going to be one of my quippy posts, but no. I have a serious, personal confession to make, and I’m a bit embarrassed by it. I thought I’d throw it out there. Maybe it’ll help someone else suffering from the same thing to not feel so alone.

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Ghosts of Christmas’ Past

Image from wikimedia commons

It’s been said that many people get depressed during the holidays. I, too, have been known to feel a bit of melancholy during this time of year. So, being the analytical person that I am, naturally I look deeper.

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Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled

cabin road wm

This Daily Prompt, The Road Less Traveled, was from July 2nd, 2013. Just a little heads up, this topic is a very personal one, but something is calling me to share it.

I actually wrote an article about my road less traveled several years ago, but it’s too long for a blog post at 1,900 words. So, here is just the beginning of that article.

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The Mystery House

Every neighborhood has one of them. Okay, maybe not every neighborhood, but every neighborhood I’ve lived in.

I wrote about the mystery creep house where I grew up in my short story Home Avenue in the book anthology Home Avenue. Some kids called it the monsters house, or the haunted house, or the spooky house. Nonetheless, the dwelling was only two doors down from where I lived.

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Love Thyself

I’ve mentioned before, about how the human psyche intrigues me. Lately, I’ve been thinking about self-love, and wondering how many people actually love themselves.

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When the lady asked him is age
he held up three fingers.
When he grew a little older
and started school,
he spoke in halves.
I’m six and a half.
I’m seven and a half.
I’m eight and a half.
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Losing Faith in Karma

Not feeling the best this week. It’s really nothing serious in the grand scheme of things. However, it’s making me super sensitive to what’s going on in my life. Normally these things would bother me to some extent, but I’d be able to let them go. This time, because I’m dragging a bit, they are sticking to me like glue. I don’t really want to air dirty laundry on this very public blog, but I thought I’d write a little generalized scenario.

Do you believe in Karma? You know, that thing described on the poster above.

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Guilt Part 2

Welcome back for Part Two of my ramblings on guilt. Part One can be found here. Do You Feel Guilty?

In my first blog on the subject, I talked about two kinds of guilt. 1) Having to say “no” to someone and disappoint them. 2) The “if only” guilt, thinking we could’ve done something different to change an outcome. There is such complexity to the issue that I’ll never touch on everything. It’s still on my mind, so I’ll further the discussion for this one more post. Continue reading “Guilt Part 2”


Do you feel guilty?

I drafted a really long blog about guilt, then looked back at it and yawned. Yet, the workings of “guilt” in our lives has been on my mind lately. How do I discuss this topic without getting long-winded and boring?

A friend of mine, and fellow author, suggested writing it in parts (thank you Susie).

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Do blog posts always have to be happy?

I recently heard a story on the news that facebook is causing people to feel depressed. Supposedly, all the fun parties and happy occasions makes people feel like their lives are inadequate.

I have to admit, I’ve noticed this myself, and wondered how everyone could be so happy all the time.

Since fb is an enormously public venue, why would anyone want to air their dirty laundry?

I even recall specific incidents when I left facebook feeling down. Some relatives were getting together without us. Sometimes they’d invite us as an after thought, at the last minute, when we already had plans. In each instance, I’d read all about the fun they had without us.

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