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The Tempter


I finished my personal final edit on my work-in-progress novel this week. Now it needs to be edited one more time by an editor.

I’ll share more about it in the future, but I’ve taken a lot of the spiritual philosophy in the second half of the book from an author named Paul Ferrini. I’ve quoted him a few times on my blog. Here’s my favorite.


I often refer to his book, Reflections of the Christ Mind when I need a spiritual pick-me-up. This particular book is a conglomeration of his four previous books. His philosophy seems to break from traditional Christianity. Yet, the words he uses are so profound, so deeply peaceful and moving, that they certainly do reflect what Christ taught. Try one or more of the links above and you’ll see what I mean.

Recently I read something from his book (published in 2000) that fits what is happening in our society today. I’ve shared it below, and I’ll leave it to you to discern for yourselves.


Don’t be surprised if the person you accept as an authority figure in your life becomes controlling or abusive. By accepting an outside authority, you give your power away. Don’t accept anyone else’s authority over you and don’t accept authority over anyone else. Claim your freedom and offer freedom to others.

When someone makes you an offer you think you can’t refuse, learn to refuse it. Don’t betray yourself, regardless of the price. The tempter will always come to you offering extraordinary gifts. Don’t be fooled. He seems to have supernatural powers, but they are not real.

Don’t say yes to his invitation to betray yourself. Remember, you are already whole. You lack nothing. Relax and breathe. This too will pass.

If you look deeply enough, you will see that every pitch is the same. Every invitation to offer you something, every invitation to self-betrayal has the same sugarcoated promises and the same heart-wrenching core.

~ Paul Ferrini (The Silence of the Heart)

11 thoughts on “The Tempter”

    1. Hi Anneli. I’ve been thinking about you. Hope you and the Cap are well.

      I may need advice on a title. I’ve been using a working title, but I no longer think that one works.

      Thank you for your support. 😊💗

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  1. Congratulations on being so close to the end of your WIP, Lori and I look forward to learning more about it in due course!

    I am taken with Paul Ferrini, his profound quotes here and on your other links. How often don’t we give up on ourselves, our freedom whilst others try to bind people to them. How true that:

    ‘Claim your freedom and offer freedom to others.’

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    1. How nice to talk to you again, Annika. I was thinking of you when I found a Swedish YouTuber. She put up a video of Santa Lucia around Christmas. You were the person who first taught me about that tradition.

      Thank you for your kind words. Paul Ferrini’s books are enlightening – all about emotional healing to get to our inner spirit within. Which is what my WIP is about – fictional characters needing emotional healing and seeking spirituality.

      Hope you’ve been well.

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      1. Lovely to chat to you too, Lori and I’m touched when you mention Lucia and reading about it on my blog. Bless. It’s great you saw more about it on YouTube.

        Your WIP sounds wonerful and intriguing.

        All very well here … so far, thank goodness. Thank care, Lori. xx

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