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Five Seasons

Here we go again into another season without my Max. The grieving process is different for each individual, and for me, the first year is brutal with experiencing the change of seasons without him.

We had a fifth season added in this year of 2020—lockdown season. We had just said goodbye to Max when the lockdown hit. Trapped in the house without him was a huge reminder of the absence in our lives. The only way to get out was to go for walks, and walks were never attempted without our boy before.

Max and I were linked in so many ways. Neither of us were hot weather beings, which was strange for him, because he was born and bred in Florida. When we moved to Illinois, he acclimated to the weather faster than the two of us.

Our first Aussie, Piezon

My first Aussie, also born and bred in Florida, liked the hot weather. Max, on the other hand, would go outside to do his business in the summer and head right back indoors. When it got cooler, like it is now, I had a difficult time getting him to come inside.Both of us enjoyed our walks in the brisk autumn air, crunching brittle leaves beneath our feet. He was so very patient with me when I stopped to take photos.The weather has cooled and we still haven’t turned on our heat. It’s mostly just cold in the mornings, and the space heater works until the day warms up. I used to to snuggle with my warm, fuzzy snookums, so it reminds me my heating pad is gone. He was such a good snuggler.His missing piece looms large with the progression of fall.

I’ve been praying he shows up in my dreams for some snuggles. Good news, he’s showed up twice, and I felt his soft fur caress my cheeks. I have to take whatever I can get, and I’m grateful.

Thanks for your patience with my grieving process.P.S. It pains me that I don’t have new photo memories to share, but at least I have a lot of them from when he graced our lives.




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  1. Aww, Lori. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Our furry buddies bring so much happiness, but when they have to leave … I know that’s the way it has to be (most of the time, anyway) but it’s so hard.
    Try to be good to yourself. Thinking of you. ❤️

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    1. Hi Kate. That’s a good idea to sit on Mollie’s bed to feel close to her. I’ve been snuggling with the scarf I had made from Max’s fur. Especially when I start to get teary. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. That picture of you on the couch with him is so much like our Emma and me. Whenever I turn on the TV, Emma jumps up onto the end of the couch. I lie down with my head at the other end. Before I know it she has crept up and wedged her head in between the back of the couch and my ribs and that’s where she spends the evening, cozied up tightly to me. I know that you’re missing that and I dread the day I’ll miss it too.

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    1. How sweet that Emma inches her way in for a snuggle. Max didn’t always come over to snuggle, but when I snuggled with him, he responded in kind. Sure to miss the sweet boy in this cool change.

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