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Happy Horrible Holidays

Good Day everyone. I hope this finds you in a bright, lovely start to the new year.

I had looked forward to publishing the many blog drafts I’ve had in my queue, but of course, God laughed at me for making plans.

We had nice visits with family on Christmas and the New Year holidays, but for one huge exception. My mom wasn’t there. She became very ill with a norovirus and landed in the hospital. As my twelve-year-old nephew said, we missed grandma’s essence.

Mom was released from the hospital the day after Christmas. The virus has gone away, but her other ongoing issues are always a concern.During the week of the New Year holiday, our beautiful boy, Max, started to show signs of illness. He had been having some issues before that week, but nothing the vet thought was serious. Unfortunately, by Friday, January 3rd, we were at an Emergency Veterinary Hospital where we learned Max has liver cancer.

On top of the cancer, he had a very serious infection. The hospital recommended he spend one night there so they could at least treat the infection. Once that got cleared up, we’d decide if there was any treatment we could do for his cancer.

The next day when we went to take him home, we learned the cancer was pretty far along. There really isn’t much else we can do.Max is now home with us and comfortable. The treatment for the infection has improved his health. He’ll eat the foods we cook for him. He had a good day yesterday, running around the house playing with his squeaky toy. Today is not so good, and he’s really dragging. He may have good days and bad, but rest assured, we will not let him suffer a lot of bad days. The vet said medication may help him bounce back for a while. It could be a week, it could be three months. But I think it’ll be sooner rather than later.

I created and opened this blog in the spring of 2009, and immediately thereafter our dog, Piezon left us. Because of the loss, this blog remained dormant without a single post for two and a half years. Losing Piezon devastated me and sapped my drive to write anything but poetry. It may seem silly to take the death of a pet so hard, but without children, I tend to revolve life around my dog.

I don’t know what the future holds. I do know that no matter what happens, I will always pick up writing again. It’s in my DNA.

I will continue to read blogs and post during the times I feel balanced, when my emotions aren’t in control.Thank you to my readers and blogging community for hanging out with me all these years. I look forward to many more.


25 thoughts on “Happy Horrible Holidays”

  1. Lori, your son is right, grandmother’s should always be there for Christmas and it must have been worrying time as your mother was in hospital. I hope her other health issues improve soon. I’m sorry to learn about Max and so sad for Max and you all. Hugs from across the pond to you. Xx ❤️

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  2. This sounds like the start of my 2019. My cat Hazel got ill during the last days of 2018 which ended up with an emergency visit on NY’s eve. I came home without a cat. It sucked all the life out of me for a while. Wishing you some good days with Max. Hugs. Also hope your Mom is getting better.

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    1. I remember reading about that sad time for you with Hazel. I know how hard it was. I’m feeling really low, and reading the support of friends helps to give me strength.

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      1. We will be going through the same thing soon. Our old Ruby (springer spaniel) is beginning to have pee accidents a lot (which she would NEVER have done if she could help it), and she’s totally deaf. Almost 13 yrs. It’s very sad to have to part with our pets.

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        1. Oh boy. Sorry to hear about Ruby. Yes, it’s agony to part with our pets. IMO, dogs are pure and shouldn’t have to suffer. 😔


            1. You probably already checked this, but could Ruby have a bladder infection? My friend’s lab-mix (15 years old!!) was getting bladder infections as she aged. They put her on a special diet and she’s been doing better with that.

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              1. No, it’s not that frequent peeing problem. But thanks for the thought. I know they do get them, but in this case, she has been drinking tons of water for the past couple of years and now she’s not able to hold it sometimes.

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