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Dare You

Since this was a lighter topic blog week for me, I thought I’d expand on my last post about the great topic of dogs.

Aside from the two dogs we fostered several years ago, our family dog has always been an Australian Shepherd. As you can tell from the meme, strangers who come across us on walks usually mistake our dog for a Border Collie.

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Tea Time with Tre

Every afternoon between two and three o’clock, my husband and I treat ourselves to a cup of hot tea (we both work from home).

(Take it Eeease = Take it easy in Italian-American language.)

When the whistle blows on the teapot, our dog, Tre (Trey) knows it’s tea-time and wants to join us. He goes straight into his crate and waits to be served.

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The Dog Wrangler

I recently hired a pet sitter/walker to walk our Max (Australian Shepherd) once a week. We walk him every day, but we like to take a break once in a while.

I interviewed Nanda, a small Brazilian woman, and the female dog whisperer. She not only talked the talk, but she walked the walk … literally. She became the alpha over my dog in an instant, which isn’t always easy.

One night, just before she stepped out to walk him, two large stray dogs raced by our house at top speed.

“Oh no,” I said, pissed off. “It’s that corner house again. One dog is some kind of a hound mix, the other a pit bull. Those people don’t walk their dogs, so they break out of jail and get the exercise they need on their own. Problem is, it’s dangerous for those of us who are responsible dog owners.”

Nanda moved into action. I witnessed this five foot woman step out into the middle of the street, put two fingers in her mouth and blast out a whistle. Those two dogs, which were almost as tall as her, turned around and headed right toward her. She stood her ground, pointed to their house and shouted, “GO HOME!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. They dashed right past her. Nanda followed them to their house, and I followed her. She pointed to their fence and they ran inside.

Side note: These dogs frequently get loose. In a past incident, I saw the owners of the two dogs chasing them up and down the street trying to get them back home, but the dogs didn’t listen to them.

Now, you’d think Nanda settled the matter once she wrangled them to their yard, but no. The six-foot wood fence door wouldn’t latch shut. Holding the door with one hand, she knocked on the dog owner’s window with the other. The large lady inside, who obviously has only walked from her front door to the car door, let alone ever take a leash to her dogs, approached the window.

Nanda raised her voice to be heard. “Come out here and get your fence door closed. The dogs got loose.”

Through the pane, the lady said, “They got out?”

“YES! Come out and close your fence door.”

These are not the same dogs, but our next door neighbors. They broke through the fence there to peek into our yard.

Sure enough, out clomped the lady, who moved something in front of the fence door to keep it shut. Wow! Nanda’s a people whisperer too!


Check out her website at Nanda’s Walking Paws. Not only is it about her pet sitting services, but she has lots of info about dogs too.

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One Year Later

One year ago yesterday, a three-year-old tri-color Australian Shepherd, named Max, came into our home smiling, ears perked and friendly. Already well-trained by his previous family, he fell right into the routine of our household, except for one thing … the look in his eyes. Something about them seemed serious, guarded.

To anyone else he appeared  perfectly normal, happy and carefree. I knew different. I lived with him throughout the days and nights. His rigid mannerisms showed nary a smile, and only a rare wag of the infamous Aussie stub-tail. His wary glances said, don’t get too close. I don’t trust you. Continue reading “One Year Later”


Early morning on the farm? Me?

Just like parents change their lives for their kids, I find I change my life for my dog. I don’t do mornings, and Saturdays are for sleeping in. Not today! Our local dog whisperer/trainer (Will Thomas) has a pack gathering on a farm once a month in the early morning. We took Max today to socialize him with other dogs. Wow! That was fun … for Max. He had me scared out of my wits when he took on a German Shepherd twice his size!

Max tends to get a bit aggressive, it’s why we brought him there, to get some help. The trainer said that Max does over do it a bit, but he listens to correction … except from ME! I know what I have to do to fix it. Glad we went, but I forgot to bring my camera. Only got a few shots from my old fashioned phone, can’t even get on the web with it. I thought I’d share the pics below. Anyone in central Florida interested in the dog trainer, his link is on my blogroll.     Click continue for photos.

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