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Good Cheer for the New Year

“A new and improved you is not determined by a New Year but by a new mind.”
~ Unknown

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The Saga Continues

Many of you know about my broken refrigerator saga (starting on November 19th!) and my subsequent nasty cold. I thought I was finished writing about that true story, but it turns out that I’m not.

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Griping or Grateful?

Every year as January 1st draws near, I hear some people say, “I can’t wait to start the new year. Thank God this one is almost over.”

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The Love of Things

The original blog I scheduled for today is below. But, first, I felt the need to talk about my eerie morning. Soon after I woke up, I took the dog for a walk. I’ve been hearing about this polar vortex hitting the U.S., and it’s even supposed make it down here to Florida. Of course, we’re closer to the equator, so we won’t see negative numbers, or even single digits. It’s supposed to hit here later in the day, so I woke up to mild, damp temps. Except, a foggy, quiet stillness filled the air. Something felt creepy about it. Maybe it’s all the news reports of impending doom from this global warming ice-over. It’s strange how my air-conditioning is on right now, and my heat will be on by dinner time.

Onto my original blog about the new year.

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Recognition, Appreciation and a New Theme

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Health and the New Year


First I’d like to wish everyone blessings and good health in the new year. May our world prosper in all ways.

I’m still struggling with vertigo in the first couple days of this year. It’s strange how illnesses can teach us things about ourselves and others. I’m learning things about the people around me as I go through this unusual experience. I’m also learning how much I can endure, and getting reminded how being out of control leaves me with very little patience.

Mom arrived on New Year’s Eve and we celebrated together. On New Year’s Day we ate my spinach lasagna. I was pleasantly surprised how good it turned out. I hadn’t made it in a long time, and I created it while not feeling well. We ate a lot, but for only three of us, there is a lot left over. The accompanying honey ham was delicious too.

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