In the short story of my memoir anthology titled Hope Lies in Meatballs, I told the story about my Italian heritage and how I learned to cook. Because of that story, I share recipes on this blog occasionally. They are posted at the links below. The first link has cooking prep tips. A pasta recipe for Aglio Olio is beneath all the links.

Food talk & cooking tips

Pasta Fagioli
Shrimp & Spinach Linguini
Tomato Basil Shrimp Penne
Scroll to bottom for Aglio Olio pasta recipe.

Swiss Chard
Eggplant Marinade
Mom’s Stuffed Artichokes
Stuffed Eggplant 
Eggplant Parmesan with a twist

Hearty Harvest Ham Stew
Rolling Meatloaf
The Capizzi Family’s Chicken Soup
– From the magazine Angels on Earth.
Simple Olive Chicken Bake
Chicken Marsala in Thirty Minutes

Cheaters Focaccia Bread 

Pumpkin Cookies
Dee’s Biscotti
Church Windows – Chocolate & Marshmallow goodie

Scroll down for Aglio Olio pasta recipe:

Aglio Olio
Linguini or Spaghetti – I use half-pound for two people
1 clove garlic – minced (or more if you like a lot of garlic)
Olive Oil
Canned anchovy
1/2 cup water
Black pepper to taste
Parsley to taste
Grated parmesan or romano cheese to taste

Dice 1 to 2 anchovies into tiny pieces. Cook pasta according to package. While pasta is boiling, heat minced garlic and diced anchovy in olive oil (1/4 to 1/3 cup). Once sizzling, pour in water and let mixture simmer until pasta is ready. Pull pasta out of water with strainer and drop into the oil and water mixture. Stir thoroughly, then sprinkle with black pepper, parsley and cheese, stir through and serve.


17 thoughts on “Recipes”

  1. Have never heard this about cheese sprinkled over fish and pasta. I do salmon with cheese. There is no rules in cooking really anymore. Great reciepes.


  2. I recently made pasta from scratch for the first time: chicken and mushroom ravioli with a creamy mushroom sauce. My husband said I had surpassed myself! Great praise indeed from the man who normally wouldn’t notice if I grew another head 🙂 This recipe sounds lovely, so I shall give it a go.


    1. Mmm, that recipe sounds heavenly. I’ve made pasta from scratch before too, but don’t do it often. Lots of work. Thanks for checking mine out and commenting. Happy cooking. 🙂


  3. Lori
    I’m told that any good Italian cook always witholds something from their recipes because they never want someone else cooking as good as they do. Is this true, and did you or your mother withold anything from your recipes?


    1. I think it’s safe if I withhold the answer to the question whether or not I withhold anything from my recipes. 🙂 Except, I did not hold back anything from this recipe, although there are other variations that people make. It’s all up to the cook.


  4. Yes, I know that the chef’s will tell you not to sprinkle cheese over pasta with fish, but I do what tastes best to my pallet. Trust me, the cheese finishes off the flavor perfectly.


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