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Small Talk

Whether on my blog, on social media, or in person in conversation, I’m not really a “small talk” kind of person. Unless that small talk includes humor. Yes, I’m all there for humor.

Each person has a story, and I enjoy hearing those stories and how their life’s experiences led them to where they are today. I also enjoy sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned from them.

My blog and books have philosophical, spiritual, and moral components that some might miss if they aren’t paying attention. My latest (click left on pic) has many deep meanings, some I didn’t purposely add, but then synchronicity occurred.

Today, I’m taking a break and switching it up—small talk it is—about the weather and pets.

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Advent Happenings

So, life is busy here through the holiday season. How ’bout by you?

On my way to an appointment last Friday, it was raining, which was good, because we haven’t had any precipitation in quite a while. Just a light, steady rain. Nothing stormy.

I needed to drive fifteen miles to get to my destination, and I had no idea that just a few miles could make such a huge difference in weather patterns here in Illinois.

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Winter, Home and Books

snofall12416-446x800wmI’m waiting for the PROOF of my paperback novel, Whit’s End, to make sure it all looks good. I can’t wait to share it. For now, I’ll tell you a little about my winter experience from over the weekend.

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Great White North

wintwndlnd2 (450x800) wmEven after many years living in the south, I still didn’t forget what it was like to live in the great white north. Except, some little things did slip my mind. There have also been new developments that I’ve needed to learn.

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