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Small Talk

Whether on my blog, on social media, or in person in conversation, I’m not really a “small talk” kind of person. Unless that small talk includes humor. Yes, I’m all there for humor.

Each person has a story, and I enjoy hearing those stories and how their life’s experiences led them to where they are today. I also enjoy sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned from them.

My blog and books have philosophical, spiritual, and moral components that some might miss if they aren’t paying attention. My latest (click left on pic) has many deep meanings, some I didn’t purposely add, but then synchronicity occurred.

Today, I’m taking a break and switching it up—small talk it is—about the weather and pets.

With chronic pain, my husband and I can’t keep up with the maniac pup we adopted almost two years ago. We had been told he was a medium energy dog by the Rescue, but they were wrong. I wrote more about this in another post, so I won’t rehash.

We tried everything to get the dog exercise and nothing calmed him down. Recently, we started drizzling CBD oil on his food. I’m happy to say, it seems to have taken the edge off. Well . . .He still gets over excited when he sees a squirrel or dog through the window, but we can get him to calm down quicker. Before, there was no calming him. Now, when he gets excited, we tell him to go to one of his spots – his crate or bed – and he’ll lie down there. He does it with a grumble as if to say “this blows” and plops down, but then he relaxes. I didn’t see this happening before the CBD oil.

We also bought what is called a “herding ball.” Since his prey instinct is stronger, he mostly attacks the thing instead of herding. But, it does give him lots of exercise. He’s exhausted after playing with it in the yard.

So, here was our first weekend of Spring in the back yard with the dog below.

Yep. That’s spring in Chicago. It was a very wet, sloppy snow. The weather has been too warm for it to stick, so it’s already melted. My poor crocus look like they croaked.How’s that for small talk?

How’s the weather by you?

If you like deep conversation and philosophy, check out my latest fiction book, Through His Disciples’ Eyes.



11 thoughts on “Small Talk”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with CBD oil and the herding ball for your energetic pup! It’s always great to hear about what works for different dogs. And even though the weather wasn’t ideal, it’s nice to have a little small talk sometimes.

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  2. I also found CBD to be effective for the last dog I had, who had a strange behavior issue in which he would spin in circles, bark and try to bite himself (not his tail, his was either cropped or he was born with a stubby one, the rescue organization didn’t know.) On a few occasions he actually bit his own rump. The CBD helped reduce the number of these incidents. When I would run out, I would notice the increase in issues within a few days. Hope it continues working!

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      1. Ah yes, we are quite familiar with the challenges that sometimes come with a rescue. Both my son and daughter have rescues. How lucky Tre is to have found his forever home.💕

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