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Half full

I originally wanted to start by writing that the summer is half over, but instead I decided it’s still half full. Right?

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Time Machine

Driving around town, my car turned into a time machine and reversed me back 20 years … 25 years … mall_entrance (800x553)30 years … 35 years.  Stop!

There she is, standing in front of her old stomping grounds at the mall. The Triumph song rings in her head , “She’s young now, she’s wild now, she wants to be free … “ They wrote that song about her. She’s sure of it.

Her boyfriend drives up. She climbs into his 1975 Toyota Corolla where the stereo speakers blare, Jukebox Hero.

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My Humble Gratitude

I hadn’t planned to post today, but I couldn’t let the day go by without expressing my gratitude for those who have served and died for me (yes for me, and for each individual’s freedom).

I know that not everyone who reads wordpress blogs are from the U.S., but today is the day we honor those who have fallen for our country.

Here is some fun tribute music for all of them. God Bless all those who have fallen and who have  served. To say I am grateful seems an understatement, but my gratitude is unending.

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Rockin’ in Paradise

Those of you who have read me before, know that I’m a rocker chick. A rocker chick without any tattoos, and who doesn’t go after the rock boys (at least not in a few decades).

Rock music has got me in a strangle hold, baby, and I’m going to keep on lovin’ it because this weekend I was rockin’ in paradise. In case you didn’t recognize that sentence, there are three different song titles in it from three different bands.

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