Since I’ve Been Gone

Since I’ve been gone from the blogging world, WordPress changed the format for drafting and posting. I don’t like it. It’s taking me forever to figure out how to add photos. What is this block thing? Why can’t I just write paragraphs as if on a page? Why do I need blocks? So frustrating. 🤦‍♀️

I hope this finds all my blogging friends doing well. I’ve had a lot happen over the months. Got a new doggy.

Don’t let that adorable face fool you. He’s a maniac. Super untrained and in need of tons of obedience. Got him at 21 months. He’s now 26 months. Named him Tre (aka Trey), as in the number three (in Italian), because he is our third Australian Shepherd. There is more to his story, but that’s for another time. I’m trying to get through posting on this new format.

Lots of other things have been going on in my neck of the woods. I’m sure you’ve all had plenty going on, too. Feel free to share an update about yourself in the comments.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my favorite time of the year.

It looks like the tree trunks have faces and are about to start talking.

Here is a zoomed in view of those trunk-faces.

Due to all that’s happening in our world, I haven’t been in the mood for blogging. The things I want to say will only add to the tension. I’m popping in to put up a few recent colorful photos and to say hello to whomever reads this.

May all of you be blessed with a colorful fall and a vibrant, healthy life.


10 thoughts on “Since I’ve Been Gone”

    1. Hi Andrea. Great to see you, too. Thanks for your kind comment about Tre, the colors, and for my nephew. If I have time this week, I might post that his team won!

      Good to hear that all is well with you after you caught the dreaded bug.

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  1. I love Australian Shepherds and Tre is …yes – adorable! Will like seeing how he grows and learns. You’re having a gorgeous fall. Ours is over – it’s winter in Breckenridge now.

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    1. Hi Barb. Fall started late here. We had an extremely dry summer, so I think that’s why. Supposed to get snow tomorrow. While I like snow, I’m not ready for the vibrant colors to go away yet. I checked out your blog and saw the snow. Looks pretty. Stay warm, and thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hi! Good to see you again and congratulations on your new family member! 🙂 I have forced myself to use the block but I don’t like it. Lots of people have complained. There is a way to access the classic editor but when I tried to look it up for you I couldn’t find it. Maybe someone else remembers? (Or maybe it’s gone now.)

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    1. Hi Lynette. I haven’t been around, so it’s interesting to hear that so many don’t like the new format. I don’t think there is a way to access the classic anymore. Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well on your end.

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    1. I haven’t been around, so it’s interesting to hear that others are not happy with it. It always seems like they want to fix things that aren’t broken. Thanks for stopping by, Anneli.

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