Memoirs and Fiction

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homeavecover3In September 2016, I re-released my short story memoir anthology, Home Avenue. It was originally published by an indie publisher under a different title. I’ve written four short, humorous stories about growing up in an Italian-American family in suburban Chicago during the 1970’s. Each story has a hint of inspiration about the meaning of family. You’ll find the link on the book cover or you can click, HERE.

My debut novel, Whit’s End, was released November 20, 2016. This is a family saga wecover9titleabout Ava and Meg who marry the dysfunctional Whitaker brothers. Things start to go wrong from the very beginning of their lives together. The women continue to stick around thinking things will get better, but they don’t. In their misery, other men come into the picture. Should they fall into the arms another? One of the women chooses to make a change and find a way to work on her marriage. The other woman chooses to have an affair. The story takes you on each of the paths and shows you the consequences of both decisions. Secrets are revealed. Family bonds shatter. Friendships suffer. Having to face ugly truths, both women grow in ways they didn’t know possible. To order, click on the book cover in the sidebar, or you can click, HERE.

In the mean time, if you’d like to check out my writing before buying one of these, I have some free short story memoirs posted on my blog at the links below. Thank you for reading about these books.

Hallway AngelGetting through an awkward adolescence and bullying to an inspirational ending.
The Plight of the FlightEver have one of those days? This bad day happened on an airplane.
The Sweet Revolting Development – Four distinct and hilarious characters … my four Italian grandparents.
Mystical Tours (series starts here) Read about the bumbling miscommunications the time I met my hero rock star.


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