by lori dinardi
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The Sound of Eerie

Over the weekend, our power went out for a few hours.

Yikes, keep the doors and windows sealed tight to hold in the last shot of a/c. It is August in Florida, after all.

sun burns wmHot sun of Florida

My husband and I had just finished a few chores and were sitting on the sofa discussing the remaining to-do-list when it happened.

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~ Weekly Wisdom ~

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Seeking a Title

I appreciated the input about my WIP on last week’s blog post and thought I’d try asking for advice on my finished novel this week. I’m struggling to come up with a title. I’ve had a few different working titles, and I’m not really sure I like any of them.

Here’s what I’m going to do. Below is a blurb about my finished novel. Beneath that is a clip from the prologue (some of it has been removed for brevity), and then beneath that is a poll to choose a title. I highlighted keywords in pink font that may be important for a title. I’d like to avoid the “fork in the road” cliche.

On the poll, there is an option that says ‘Other,’ and it would be great if you had an idea you’d like to share, too. Thanks in advance for your help.

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~ Weekend Wisdom

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The True Story of …

I mentioned in my Writer’s Process post that I have a novel in the works about a modern day prophet. Below I’m sharing with you the opening pages. In order not to break up the flow, this is a longer blog post than usual.

The entire novel won’t be written for some time, but I’m curious if you find it understandable. I’ve been told by my writer’s critique group that they need more information, but I didn’t want to do an info dump. More details will come throughout the plot line. Let me know what you think. Thanks, and hope you enjoy it.

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* Weekend Wisdom *

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