Guilt Part 2

Welcome back for Part Two of my ramblings on guilt. Part One can be found here. Do You Feel Guilty?

In my first blog on the subject, I talked about two kinds of guilt. 1) Having to say “no” to someone and disappoint them. 2) The “if only” guilt, thinking we could’ve done something different to change an outcome. There is such complexity to the issue that I’ll never touch on everything. It’s still on my mind, so I’ll further the discussion for this one more post. Continue reading “Guilt Part 2”


Do you feel guilty?

I drafted a really long blog about guilt, then looked back at it and yawned. Yet, the workings of “guilt” in our lives has been on my mind lately. How do I discuss this topic without getting long-winded and boring?

A friend of mine, and fellow author, suggested writing it in parts (thank you Susie).

I’ve been feeling guilty of late, for two separate reasons. Each of them have nothing to do with the other. Continue reading “Do you feel guilty?”