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Mystical Tours 1

diary 3        

Mystical Tours

A tale taken from my real life diary.

Howie Dewin, 1 … Howie Dewin, 2 … Dick Tator.

I typed the strange names into a computer at work—hotel reservations for several different people. Tension knit between my brows. Who on earth used such ridiculous names?

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Hallway Angel

I originally wrote the following short memoir for a magazine I’d been published in before called Angels on Earth. However, I decided  to publish it on my blog instead of in their magazine. Here, I can write it the way I saw it without any editors forcing their influence into it. It fits into that magazine’s genre though, and every story there ends with a little “helping hand” so to speak. You’ll see why when you read it. If you know any young girls/tweens/teenagers with self-esteem issues, please share this with them. Thanks. Continue reading “Hallway Angel”