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Brinkley or Bust

Graceful describes her entrance
Radiance surrounds her skin.
All heads turn toward her in awe
when she speaks.
Even strangers inquire,
how to attain the serenity she exudes.
Nary a word spoken,
yet her wisdom is apparent.
Having turned hardship into opportunity,
her experience is enlightenment.
No signs of pompous external flash.
Not dependent on youth for worth.
The old woman manifests,
true beauty.

I wrote the above prose some time ago. What do you think it’s about? Could it be about Christie Brinkley’s photo-shoot for the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated from several weeks ago?

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Defining Enough (from a friend)

elec flowers 587x800How much money is enough for you to feel safe and secure? How much is enough to buy the level of comfort that is enough for you? How much would require more of you than you’re willing to sacrifice? How much love is enough for you? How much food? How many laughs? How many tears? How much activity? How much stillness? How much predictability? How much adventure?

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Made of Marshmallows

For my quote of the week (End of Week Wisdom installment), I didn’t feel like posting a profound quote this time. I wanted something funny. So, I’m resorting to a sitcom. However, this silly little sitcom scene actually has a deeper meaning.

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