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I’m Just Gonna Say It

So, I debated what to say here today, or if to say anything at all. Depending on who reads it, this could be dangerous.

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American Culture

flagstreet (800x437)rwbwmIf you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag.  ~Author Unknown

Does it still exist … American culture … American Patriotism?

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Florida Flurries

I thought you northerners might find it funny to see how Florida tries to bring winter to Christmas. For people who claim to love not having snow and cold, they sure go to great lengths during the holiday season to bring it here. See the snow at about 35 seconds in. How do they do it? Scroll below the video and I’ll tell you.

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Another Celebration!

On August 10th I celebrated my 100th post. Now, nine months and 118 posts since I started blogging, I finally reached 10,000 hits! I also recently surpassed 200 followers at 204!

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A 100th Post Celebration

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Not quite eight months ago, I started this blog as a means to market my short story anthology, and ended up getting completely addicted to blogging. I had no idea when I started this endeavor, how much I’d enjoy it, and how many wonderful people I’d meet. It’s a social network all it’s own. I don’t even use those other ones except to post my blog link. Continue reading “A 100th Post Celebration”