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The Unexpected

Bridge over the mighty Mississippi

Last year I wrote about sending out an intention to the Universe of something that you would like to occur in your life (or pray), and then trust it will happen. One example I shared before was the synchronicity of our move back home.

Not only does the Universe/God answer our call/prayer in due time, but sometimes we receive answers we aren’t even looking for.

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Healing Hearts Day

pepper heart wmThey say it’s usually people who are alone that disparage Valentine’s Day, but I know better. So, I’m just going to say it, I don’t like Valentine’s Day, and this is coming from someone who has had a love in my life for 30 plus years. After writing about this holiday in the past and receiving many comments over the years, I can attest that I’m not the only one. Many people do not like this holiday.

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Wednesday Wisdom

I was thinking about my recent blog post on optimism and last week’s quote about it too. I came to discover that optimism is not too unlike hope. So, here are a few quotes for today’s Wednesday Wisdom on hope. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. Which one is your favorite?

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Hello my friendly bloggers and blog readers.

I’ve been dealing with some health issues of late, but it’s nothing new, it seems like I’m always dealing with something. I just got over a two-month bout of vertigo in January (a nightmare). Now, it’s something else. What else? Who knows. Gotta go in for a blood test. They have an idea what they’re looking for, but I’m getting a full blood-work-up, nonetheless. Continue reading “Fixable”