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Just a Coincidence . . .

Today’s post was inspired by L. Marie’s blog from her post Day Brightener.

What was her day brightener?

A beautiful bouquet of vibrant daisies she bought for herself.

Buying flowers for herself sparked a memory of mine from years ago.

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Just Think

Does anyone ever think?lookout-over-mt wm

This isn’t a complaint post about stupid or rude people. And, I’m not asking if people think about jobs, daily chores, or to set their DVR.

I mean, does anyone ever think deeply and wonder about their place in the world? Didn’t philosophers once ponder the meaning of life? Does anyone ever do that these days?

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Juice and the Underdog

sombrero wmIt seems to me, underdog movies do quite well at the box office, especially in sports. Just a few examples of many are, The Rookie, Rocky, Rudy & Seabiscuit. (Apparently, many of them start with the letter R, too.) One of my personal favorite underdog stories has nothing to do with sports called, Gattaca.

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I woke up on my birthday last Wednesday feeling pretty lousy. Not only was my age the reason, but one of my many ailments had acted up. Just a reminder of what’s to come in the years ahead of me.

Every morning I read a prayer book, so to speak, as it’s more like daily affirmations. Each reading has the day’s date on it. After I read it, I do a brief time of prayer and meditation. I’d like to share with you what it said on my birthday date. Timing, Divine Providence, synchronicity, or whatever you want to call it, usually comes through when we need It.

For use of photo, please attribute to Lori and this blog.

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Like An Opal


My eyes landed on the opal ring.
Florescent greens, pinks, reds, yellows,
lilacs, silvers and golds

sparkled more awesome than ever before.
Each color with its own unique hue,
expressed an inexplicable beauty.

Mesmerized by the glowing stone,
an awareness came over me.

Like an Opal are We.

The stone is not whole without its colors,
and the colors cease to shine without the stone.
The stone and colors are one,
and cannot be separated.
The stone is the solid foundation,
and the colors its shining beauty.

Like an Opal are We.

We each have awesome, colorful Spirits,
shining brightly our own unique hue.
Like an Opal, we mold together as one,
in a loving Capsule of beauty.
Like an Opal, our Creator is whole
by expressing through us.
Like an Opal, our colors fade away
without our Creator.

Like an Opal, our colors are one with God,
and cannot be separated.
Like an Opal, God is our Solid Foundation,
and we are God’s shining colorful beauty.

~ L. Virelli


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Enough for Everyone

One sweltering hot day, I sought escape from the heat at a nearby beach. Lying there with my lemonade, I looked at all the people soaking in the sun. No matter how many people were on that beach, there would be enough sun for everyone. I realized that the same was true of God’s love and guidance. No matter how many people seek God’s help, there is always enough to go around. To someone who believed that there was never enough time, money, love, or anything else, this was amazing news! Continue reading “Enough for Everyone”


Not a Religious Post

This blog is not about religion or politics. I’ve learned my lesson from “discussing” those topics, and it wasn’t a pretty one. I want us to celebrate each others lives, share the joys, humor, and even pain sometimes.

I’ve said that I want to share poetry, and the following poem is my favorite of all time. It’s not meant to spark a religious discussion; the beauty of it just touches me. It connects to my heart.

Many might remember hearing about this poem being brought to the moon and left there by astronaut James B Irwin on Apollo 15. Please read on. Continue reading “Not a Religious Post”


Distracted by Sugar Ants!

I had a wonderful idea for a blog post planned for today, and I got distracted. Guess what distracted me? Yup! SUGAR ANTS! Yes, I’m shouting. For crying out loud, they threw off my entire day. It’s 11:30am as I type this out … is it too early for a glass of wine? And I don’t even drink … much.

Everything started out wonderful. I got in about 25 minutes of yoga when I woke up. Then a quick, brisk walk in some cool weather this morning with the dog. I was so happy to catch some of the cooler (48 degrees) weather here in Florida before the heat of the day warmed it back up (to almost 80). I took my shower and came into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Whammo! Tiny little ants I could barely see with my naked eye all over my counter! ARGHHHH. It took me almost two hours to clean them up and figure out where they were coming from. Continue reading “Distracted by Sugar Ants!”