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Happiness Fertilizer


Happiness isn’t a crop that you harvest when your dreams come true. It’s more like the fertilizer that makes them come true, faster.
~ Mike Dooley, The Complete Notes from the Universe


6 thoughts on “Happiness Fertilizer”

    1. Ha. Right? Where would we get the blog material? I’m guessing this means to bring a good attitude to whatever endeavor we embark on. But yes, how could we know happiness if we didn’t know the opposite? 🤔

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  1. Very true, Lori. I don’t think that I’ve ever sought to be happy all the time (I don’t think that exists, really), but a certain level of general contentment is a wonderful thing. My relationship with M generates a lot of happiness and contentment.

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    1. Hi Lynette. Agree. It’s impossible to always be happy. But I think with any new endeavors, we can approach them with a hopeful, happy attitude. It wonderful that your relationship generates such happiness. 💗 Have a nice weekend.

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