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The Unexpected

Bridge over the mighty Mississippi

Last year I wrote about sending out an intention to the Universe of something that you would like to occur in your life (or pray), and then trust it will happen. One example I shared before was the synchronicity of our move back home.

Not only does the Universe/God answer our call/prayer in due time, but sometimes we receive answers we aren’t even looking for.

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A Peaceful Reading

From the publication DailyWord.

shuttle wmSometimes our minds may fix on lack or insufficiency – “I don’t have enough”; “There  isn’t enough time”; “That idea is impractical.” But, we need not limit our vision of what is possible. Just because something was not a part of our past does not mean it cannot be part of our future.

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Wednesday Words

angel light 460x800 wmHeed the Call of Christmas

Is Christmas about the hottest new toy,
or is it about love and joy?

Is Christmas about which house has the most lights,
or is it about reaching new spiritual heights?

Is Christmas about the most beautiful tree,
or is it about showing our inner light’s jubilee?

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Freak out, Worry, Fret, Stress, Agonize

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I’m mad at myself. Okay, maybe not mad, more like disappointed in myself.

When I was away in Chicago a few weeks ago, two difficult things happened. In order to spare you the details, let’s just say they could’ve been long lasting difficulties. They scared me, and my mind went directly to the worst case scenario. I freaked out. I worried. I fretted. I stressed. I agonized. If you can think of any other synonyms, I did those too.

I tried to get a hold of myself and went off to a quiet place to clear my head and pray. Do you know what happened? Something came over me … a warm, calming comfort that told me everything was going to be okay. Continue reading “Freak out, Worry, Fret, Stress, Agonize”

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I woke up on my birthday last Wednesday feeling pretty lousy. Not only was my age the reason, but one of my many ailments had acted up. Just a reminder of what’s to come in the years ahead of me.

Every morning I read a prayer book, so to speak, as it’s more like daily affirmations. Each reading has the day’s date on it. After I read it, I do a brief time of prayer and meditation. I’d like to share with you what it said on my birthday date. Timing, Divine Providence, synchronicity, or whatever you want to call it, usually comes through when we need It.

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Carry on …

… my wayward son
There’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more.

Here are the lyrics to the song I referred to in my Wednesday post, my favorite of all time by the band Kansas. The spirituality of the lyrics and power in the music, has always moved me. Anyone else care to share their favorites of all time in a comment below?

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I Wept

Yes, I wept for our world today.

I pray and meditate every morning to start my day off with a clear head. This morning I did a little something different. I fell to the floor in tears to beseech Divine guidance for not only me, but the world. What is it we need to do to be at peace? What is it we need to do to keep the liberty that our Creator gave us?

Originally I had a more light-hearted blog planned for today, but I feel a darkness hovering over our world that I can’t shake. I felt a strong pull to express my concerns.

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over while expecting different results. This is what humanity seems to do … keep repeating history. Are we humans insane?

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Can you say control-freak?

I can best describe a control-freak with a line from the television show King of the Hill.

Characters name: Peggy Hill

Scene description: Peggy does something manipulative to get her husband, Hank’s attention on a specific matter. Hank tells her not to manipulate the situation again.

Peggy’s response: Believe me, I prayed on it, Hank. And God told me “Don’t do it.” But you know what? I knew better! Continue reading “Can you say control-freak?”

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Practice What I Preach

We teach what we most need to learn. ~ Richard Bach

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, but I still like to stop by my blog, and the blogs I follow in between minutes here and there. I want to mention a quick little tidbit before I’m off to my appointments for the day.

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My profile says that I’m an observer, thinker, learner, analyzer and writer. Enjoy dogs, cooking, centering, laughing and sarcasm.

The centering and analyzing part of me may sound preachy when I share them on my blog. What I’ve discovered is that they are mostly for me … to learn … to grow. I’ve found that the more I write about it, the more I actually apply what I’ve learned to my life. Continue reading “Practice What I Preach”

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Like An Opal


My eyes landed on the opal ring.
Florescent greens, pinks, reds, yellows,
lilacs, silvers and golds

sparkled more awesome than ever before.
Each color with its own unique hue,
expressed an inexplicable beauty.

Mesmerized by the glowing stone,
an awareness came over me.

Like an Opal are We.

The stone is not whole without its colors,
and the colors cease to shine without the stone.
The stone and colors are one,
and cannot be separated.
The stone is the solid foundation,
and the colors its shining beauty.

Like an Opal are We.

We each have awesome, colorful Spirits,
shining brightly our own unique hue.
Like an Opal, we mold together as one,
in a loving Capsule of beauty.
Like an Opal, our Creator is whole
by expressing through us.
Like an Opal, our colors fade away
without our Creator.

Like an Opal, our colors are one with God,
and cannot be separated.
Like an Opal, God is our Solid Foundation,
and we are God’s shining colorful beauty.

~ L. Virelli