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To Think Like a Kid

Your thoughts, and your thoughts alone, will set you in motion. Your thoughts will yield the inspiration, creativity, and determination you need. Your thoughts will orchestrate … magic and inspire the Universe. Your thoughts will carry you to the finish line if you just keep thinking them. Never give up. Aim high.”
– Mike Dooley, The Complete Notes from the Universe.

Red moon from earlier this month

The quote reminded me of when I was listening to a podcast by a famous person (G) who was talking about his teenage son (R). R wanted to know what he needed to do to be successful like his father. Except, R told his dad he didn’t want him to say, “you have to work hard.”

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Seventy-Seven Years and then Some

Life is so difficult these days, isn’t it? I mean, they had it so much easier years ago.

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bwmaxMy head is spinning from the whirlwind that has been my life since the 4th of July. We still have about a dozen boxes to unpack in our new home, plus need to hang pictures and decorate. There will be more updating to the house as well, but at least the major fixes are done for a few years.

In the mean time, I find myself experiencing the stages of grief over losing my mother-in-law three weeks ago.

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50skitchenThis is the second installment of a day in the kitchen with mom.  Only this time, it was our other mom.

My husband had been wanting to spend time with each of our mom’s in the kitchen, and a few weeks after he baked apple slices with his mom, he asked my mom, V, to teach him how to make pasta from scratch.

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Early morning on the farm? Me?

Just like parents change their lives for their kids, I find I change my life for my dog. I don’t do mornings, and Saturdays are for sleeping in. Not today! Our local dog whisperer/trainer (Will Thomas) has a pack gathering on a farm once a month in the early morning. We took Max today to socialize him with other dogs. Wow! That was fun … for Max. He had me scared out of my wits when he took on a German Shepherd twice his size!

Max tends to get a bit aggressive, it’s why we brought him there, to get some help. The trainer said that Max does over do it a bit, but he listens to correction … except from ME! I know what I have to do to fix it. Glad we went, but I forgot to bring my camera. Only got a few shots from my old fashioned phone, can’t even get on the web with it. I thought I’d share the pics below. Anyone in central Florida interested in the dog trainer, his link is on my blogroll.     Click continue for photos.

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