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yizoj40So, what’s a person to do who is parentless on Father’s Day?

My husband is experiencing his first Father’s Day without his dad.

What’s a person to do who is parentless and childless on Father’s Day?

When we were trying to have children (unsuccessfully), Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were hard on us, but we were always grateful to still have our parents. As we aged and accepted our childfree lifestyle, we didn’t think about not being parents so much anymore, because we had our parents.

I can’t help but feel for my husband and other people who don’t have anyone on these people-specific holidays.

The first year of grieving sometimes reminds us of all of our losses, but we move forward. We adjust. We find new ways.

Everyone should feel loved and appreciated no matter what day of the year.

To all the men out there, fathers, mentors and just plain good guys, God Bless you for your part in this world.



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  1. I can’t imagine how hard that first holiday without a parent is. It’s probably a good day to disconnect from the social media and turn inward. I’m glad you could be there with your husband on that day.

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  2. This year’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were my first ones without my parents too. I found that I celebrated them in a different way. Lots of memories instead of trying to remember to call them. Nice post, Lori

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    1. Those firsts without loved ones are difficult to get through. My heart is with you in this first year. I’m glad you found a way to celebrate in your own way. Thanks for sharing, Robin.


    1. Those memories certainly are a treasure, Andrea.

      I didn’t know that you don’t have kids. I thought you had grown children. Does the UK celebrate such holidays such as Father’s and Mother’s Day?


    1. It’s funny you should say this, George, because my husband said that he hopes to model the example his dad set for him.

      Thank you, and Happy Father’s Day to you.


  3. Thinking of Gary this Fathers Day. My husband has been in the same position for a number of years. It’s hard on these type of holidays.

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      1. You’re so right Lori, we do need to make every moment count especially as they age. All to soon they are gone and all we have is memories and empty seats at the dinner table. I feel it every year on Mother’s Day (even 11yrs later) but the memories of so many happy times keep me going, and the promise I made to my mum, that dad and I would look after each other 👫
        I am just glad that I have had the chance to take some timeout with my dad who is 83, not the illness part of it, but the recovery period (I couldn’t do this with my mum)
        Writing my blog about the journey has helped me. I will always have a record of this time and the memories we are making.
        Best wishes to your husband, it does get easier with time, you just come to terms with the loss, and learn to live without them 💕 xx

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        1. Thank you, Chris, for sharing your experience. I’m so glad that I moved back near my parents again. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to spend these holidays with them instead of over the phone. Thanks again for sharing. Blessings to you.

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          1. Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life that we need to make more time for Lori. . I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying time with your parents, and I’m sure they feel the same xx

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  4. So many people our age and older (and younger) who are experiencing these parental holidays without a loved one. This is the first father’s day without my dad. We are showering the love on Barry’s dad…

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