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Time is something I feel I have very little of these days. I’m in the process of a lot of stuff happening in my life. For the next week, it’ll be difficult to get to anyone’s blogs.

tpclkbldg-589x800-wm2This is also going to be a busy summer. I may be in and out throughout the coming weeks. Maybe I’ll be able to share what’s going on when things settle down.

Hope you enjoy the timely saying about time, below.

~ If we are doing something we enjoy, time seems to speed by. The opposite is true if we are watching the clock, time may crawl. With either scenario, are we living fully in each moment, grateful for each opportunity?

Each moment of our lives is a gift. Rather than dreading the tasks on our to-do list, we can approach them with attitudes of joy and expectation, knowing that we bless ourselves when we give our best effort.

Every day of our lives is a blessing.

~ partial reading from the magazine DailyWord