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Extra Ordinary

muniart3 (800x757)wmI had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family and friends. I can’t express how overjoyed I was not not to have to drive 100 to 1,200 miles to be with loved ones.

On Sunday, we spent the day with one of the friends who stood up for our wedding 31 years ago tomorrow. She and I have been friends since I was 20 years old and never lost touch. She and her husband joined Gary and I for a day in the park at an art fest, then out for dinner.

The weather was perfect. I appreciate warm weather much more than I did in Florida. People were out everywhere, strolling, riding, even sitting in their yards waving as we strolled by with the dog. None of that happened in Florida.

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We had to drive a whopping 10 miles to Mom’s house on Monday, who, btw, cooked pasta with homemade sauce. Gary and I made apple slices for desert. If you’ve kept up with my blogs, you’ll know why I shared about our meal.

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Every day people. Every day things. Good company. Loved ones. Walking, seeing, hearing, tasting. So much to delight in. May everyone find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Throughout the weekend though, something kept nagging at the back of my brain. A tap, tap, tapping if you will, like I wasn’t supposed to forget something … someone. Of course, it was those certain people to thank for this freedom. On Monday, I remembered. I prayed. I bowed in gratitude. And, I posted this video on facebook.

It’s never too late to thank them.


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  1. How nice to be so closed to loved ones now. Your Memorial Day sounds really lovely indeed. May you find time enough this summer to enjoy the season…

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  2. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful holiday weekend. It seems that day by day, this move back home is proving to have been the best decision for you and Gary.

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    1. It really has been the best decision, Tee. As you know, we never know how long we have left with loved ones, and I’m glad to be back to spend it with them. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d love for you to check out the pasta making day with my mom. Her health isn’t great either, so we were overjoyed to be with her. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the link.


      1. Hi Lori, you’re right about time. It can pass way too quickly. I did see your post about cooking with your mom. It was beautiful and fun! (I thought I commented, but maybe I didn’t?)

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        1. Oh sorry, Tee. Maybe I forgot about your “pasta day” comment. Thanks for reading about it. Hope you’re having a great weekend. If your weather is anything like here (we’re closer to MN today), it’s perfect!


  3. Hi Lori, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with good food, friends and in the company of friends. There is nothing like the bliss of warm weather, when it finally arrives in the Chicago area. I guess that is the one thing I miss about living through a real winter, is the joy you feel when you can go outside in the Spring and early Summer days wearing only shorts and a t-shirt and feel the warm breeze on your face.
    Have a great week!!!!

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    1. Oh yes, the feeling of fresh spring and warm summer is so much more gratifying after winter. Thanks for reading and the good wishes, SD. You have a great week, too.

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