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I’m Just Gonna Say It

So, I debated what to say here today, or if to say anything at all. Depending on who reads it, this could be dangerous.

This is not hyperbolic, because I know many people who have had their lives threatened, or all of their information made public.

I also worried about sounding exclusionary, because I’ve been told by the media that what I want to say is just that. But, I don’t mean it that way. Why wouldn’t anyone feel the same about their native land?

Well, it’s that time of year again, and I’ll take my chance. Freedom of speech should never be squelched.

I’m proud of my country on this Independence Day and grateful for those who fought, and still fight, for our freedom. Just as we celebrate other anniversaries, we celebrate this as one nation, under God.

The American spirit and culture is still alive by the millions.

Happy 4th of July to my American friends. Celebrate.


20 thoughts on “I’m Just Gonna Say It”

  1. Lovely photos. Freddie loved all things surrounding this day…his birthday and our nation. Although, he once said that it was the second worst day of the year to have a birthday; Christmas holding the number one slot. He said no one ever remembered.

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    1. I’ve always felt bad for people whose birthdays land on those two holidays. It is not difficult for that person’s day to get lost in the other activities. I now also feel for people whose birthday is on 9-11. It’s difficult to celebrate when everyone is mourning that sad anniversary.

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  2. I get it…especially with how it’s being celebrated this time around in DC…(said in hushed tones…geesh)
    I remind myself and others who might be interested that really, the Fourth of July is for celebrating the BIRTH of our nation. So it’s a family friendly all-ages birthday party atmosphere IMHO.
    I personally miss the spumoni we had as kids waiting for the fireworks to pop up in the sky on a darkening summer’s eve…
    Have a great day, Lori.

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    1. Hi Laura. Mmm, spumoni. I think I’d love some gelato this time around. BTW, I’m not sure what you mean about how DC is celebrating. From what I understand from people there, it’s the usual parade and festivities. Is it the military vehicles? They’ve been in other DC parades before, and the two they had this time were stationary.

      It’s really hot here today. Dare I say as hot as Florida. 😝 But, at least it’s temporary. Enjoy the day.

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        1. Yikes. That’s hot for Alaska. It was about 90 here, today. I’ve been to SC in the summer, and it was HOT. Stay cool and hope you enjoyed the day.


    1. Hi Jill. Thanks for the good wishes. I’m so enjoying being near friends & family for the 4th. It’s great to be patriotic again. 👍

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