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The Symbolism of a Dream

shadows-3wmI had a dream … well actually, it was a nightmare. It’s pretty amazing how the brain conjures up fears from real life and puts them into our sleep state.

I’ve gone back and forth about sharing this dream. I think it has meaning, so I’ve decided to take a chance and share.

In the nightmare, my family and I were being hunted by Nazi’s. I recall being chased down a street with several of them running on our tails.

hillroadwmFrom over a hill to the left of us, a pack of Native Americans in full-on 19th century loin cloths and feathered headdresses barrelled down toward us, shaking tomahawks in their fists. Some of them headed over to the Nazi’s for an attack. We soon realized, they hadn’t come to rescue us, because they charged at us, too.

We kept pounding our feet to the pavement to escape, but they gained on us. Just when we were about to be caught, a group of thugs to our right with switch blades and guns attacked the Native Americans. A few of them headed for us, when suddenly, a bright green light filled the sky. It was humongous in size, took the shape of a saucer, and radiated the color of a glow stick.greenskytrees

All groups stopped fighting and heads turned upward. Silhouettes of what looked like humans dropped out of the glowing green sky and started running toward us. Somehow I knew, they too, were going to kill each and every group of fighters, including those of us trying to escape.

I think I woke up at that point, because I remember nothing more.

chibean-distortswmIt’s no mystery to me as to what this dream meant. I wonder if anyone else can see how this nightmare mirrors our society’s reality in the present day.

Oh sure, it may seem crazy to dream about Chief Cochise’s posse, Hitler sending his brown shirts and an alien spaceship all coming after my family to kill us. But, if we look at it in terms of symbolism, it’s not crazy at all.

Side note: Keep in mind, I am not claiming one side or the other. I’m on the side of humanity.

We’re put into groups by the media, black, white, poor, rich, republican, democrat, gay, straight. The list of groups seems never-ending. They give off the illusion that we not only don’t associate with anyone from outside of our grouping, but we hate other groups enough to cause harm.

Then, we are assigned a leader. Donald Trump for the bigoted, conservative crony rich. Bernie Sanders for the far left communists. Ted Cruz for the far right, racist religious foxfightchangehallwackos. Hillary Clinton for the angry feminists of the world.

Now … go at it groupings … fight your little hearts out …

This is how the media falsely portrays us, but many fall for it. I’ve felt and experienced the tension and anger not only through media sources, but from good friends, some of whom I’ve lost.

My dream symbolizes the fracture and division of society, but could it be somewhat of marvinthekirbstera prophecy, too? Of course, it’s not Chief Cochise or martians, but, regular ever-day people who believe they’ve been wronged by one of the groupings our media has boxed us into. With some of the volatile protests, it seems to have already begun. This is not good.

Some have suggested to me that I shouldn’t watch the news, but I believe it’s important to stay informed. Not only that, it’s pretty hard to miss unless I purposely turn off all forms of communication.

In the dream, I felt like myself and my family were the only individuals left in the world. We must all remember we are excellent, unique individuals, that when we come together, form a breathtaking tapestry. May we unite as one excellent array of colors, despite the media’s efforts.

P.S. I really did have that dream and did not make it up to make a point, which makes the symbolism all the more poignant.

Pictures attributed to flickr:
Marvin the Martian, thekirbster.
Fighting foxes, changehall.
Green sky, Jason Ahrns.





17 thoughts on “The Symbolism of a Dream”

  1. Hi, Lori, I know you’re lying abed and recovering…just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about your dream. Most of the times I dream about war and escaping and killing and such…I use as an opportunity to look at what ways I’m doing that in my own thoughts. What ways am I arguing with myself? Trying to escape current situations? Wishing things didn’t exist? Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes not as much.

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    1. Hi Kathy. Thanks for sharing about your dreams and how you interpret them. Yes, I do the same. Many times it points to my own situations in life. I think just figuring out the dream can bring a sense of peace, even if I don’t have an answer on how to fix things. At least I understand where my psyche is at for the moment.

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  2. You’re so right. We can only be divided if we allow ourselves to be divided. We really must work harder to come together!

    In my community at this time, there is such anger and turmoil between the police forces and communities of color. So many seem to be for one side or the other, but it’s obvious that both sides have a point. The police need to be able to effectively protect the community, but those of color need to feel that they are treated as fairly as any other group of people. Positive change needs to occur in ALL of us, but right now, in my mind, it’s reminiscent of the civil rights movement around here. We all need to stop feeling defensive for one side or the other and just HEAR each other.

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    1. Great insight, Terri, and I agree. I heard about what’s happening there in your area. I must admit, we weren’t this divided eight years ago. I don’t know how it got this bad, other than the media and certain cult of personality figures. All this scary tension in the world is bleeding through into my dreams. Thanks for reading about it.


  3. I fortunately do not remember most of my dreams. But the being chased dreams I do remember and I am always so relieved when I can manage to waken myself enough to realize that it was only a dream. I know I have told you this before Lori, but I don’t look at the news because I get so upset, and I wonder how much of it is slanted to prove a point, to influence people one way or another – is it the whole story or just the part of the story they want us to hear. Then I get paranoid. So I live in my little bubble, happily. I know that is probably not the grown-up thing to do, but it works for me!
    Here’s to hoping for sweet dreams!!!!

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    1. Hi SD. Hopefully, you don’t have too many of those “being chased” nightmares. I remember a lot of my dreams, and only have an occasional nightmare.

      I think I need to know what’s happening in the news so I feel in control. Not so much in control of what’s happening, but being prepared in my own life for whatever is to come. It’s the control-freak in me.

      In our uniqueness, we each do what it is we need to get through. I’m just glad you’re happy.

      Thanks for the sweet dreams, and the same to you.

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  4. The dream certainly does symbolize the chaos that our world is experiencing right now. As a member of the media, I unfortunately have to stay on top of it all and it is emotionally exhausting.

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    1. Oh my Joy, I can imagine how draining it is to be on top of all that negative news. Hopefully, you’re not having nightmares. I try to do things that make me laugh at least once a day to lighten the stress. I hope you find a way to do the same. Thanks for reading about my dream.

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  5. I rarely dream happy things. Usually it’s some anxiety manifesting itself. I hate bad dreams. They can be disturbing even throughout the next day. Real life is bad enough, if you watch the news. Bad dreams just expand that whole idea.

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    1. I’m sorry you don’t dream happy things. I have a nightmare on occasion, but the bulk of mine are entertaining. I write them down when they’re especially vivid. Wasn’t so thrilled with this one, but it fascinated me to see see the symbolism of my concerns.

      Here’s to sweet dreams for you, Anneli.

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      1. I have a happy life, but my dreams are filled with terrifying situations. Maybe I’m worried my wonderful life won’t stay wonderful. But really at my age, I’ve had more than my share of happiness. I shouldn’t worry. (But I do). Thanks for the sweet dreams wish.

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  6. Very powerful and symbolic dream, no doubt. I suppose that’s your brain’s way of dealing with all the horrible news in our world. It knows no other way than to combine it all into a nightmare of warring factions. But like you, I don’t think turning off the news is an option. We need to stay informed. But we also deserve breaks away from it.

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    1. So true, Carrie, we definitely need breaks away from the news. Thanks for putting together my dream so succinctly with “warring factions.” That’s exactly what was going on in the dream, and what it feels like in real life to me these days.

      Thanks for reading about it.


  7. I’m amazed by the fact that you’re able to remember such details, Lori. I rarely remember the start of a dream, once my feet hit the floor. 🙂 I blame the media for your nightmares or perhaps you had a spicy meal for dinner.

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    1. Hi Jill. There was even more to my dream than I shared. I remember at the beginning, my family and I were hiding from Nazi’s, but I can’t remember the details of that part. I just remember getting discovered and being chased.

      I’ve actually seen people I considered friends become belligerent to others who didn’t fit in their “category.” I think it’s the culmination of the media and real-life behaviors that caused the dream.

      I’d say I remember my dreams about 50% of the time. Sometimes they’re really vivid and entertaining. This one, not so much. Thanks for reading about it.

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