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Short and Sickly Sweet

marchsunsetknoll (449x800)wmThis is literally a sick post, because as I type this out, I’m battling some torturous cold and cough from hell.

That’s what’s great about the internet, you can’t catch my germs as we communicate.

I rarely got sick when I lived in Florida. I mean, I have other chronic health issues, but I rarely caught any kind of cold or flu. I had to rack my brain to remember the last time I was sick. In 2013 I had a nightmare-stomach-bug that had me lying on the bathroom floor with the shakes. After that settled down, it turned into a head cold. So, unless I’ve forgotten another time, that was the last time I came down with something. Eh, I had a good run.

I figured it would happen more often in Illinois, but I didn’t expect it to knock me off my feet completely. Whew! I haven’t had a chest cold in probably 25 years. This one is both a chest and head cold. In the past, I remember my chest hurting from coughing so much, but I don’t remember having labored breathing like I do with this one. I also lost my voice, which is a first. I even have a low grade fever. I think the last time I had one of those was when I was a child! Probably my advancing age this time.

I’ve had no mind for writing or blogging. I can’t focus on anything but marathon TV shows while laying around coughing, wheezing, sucking on lozenges and blowing my poor, raw nose. Can’t sleep either. I look at it this way, it’s my initiation into the great land of four seasons.

So, this is shorter than my usual post. I’m sure I’ve shared TMI, but it’s not like I haven’t done that before. Hope all you wonderful bloggers and readers are doing much better than I right now. Hopefully, I’ll be around to your blogs soon. I’ll leave comments open, but please forgive me if I don’t respond.

Blessings and be unified.

Have you ever had difficulty breathing from a chest cold or bronchitis? Do you have any tricks that help you feel better during a cold?


11 thoughts on “Short and Sickly Sweet”

  1. Hope you’re starting to feel a little better Lori – I also had my first cold in a couple of years recently – I made the mistake of saying I hadn’t had one for ages and sure enough…. 🙂

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  2. Aw, so sorry to hear you’re suffering with the crud. I tend not to get too sick very often. I’m probably well-seasoned from all of my years in the changing climate. The most I ever get is a sinus cold that knocks me down for a day or so. (Knock on wood!) Take care of yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

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  3. Shouldn’t laugh but I’ve had three to four weeks of similar. Crushing headache and hacking cough to start with, then when the headache went, it all moved onto my chest. Ugh. Even my partner admitted I’d been sick which is so rare I wrote it down in my diary 😀
    Do hope you feel better soonest.

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