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by Lori (L. Virelli)

I am not white
I am not black
I am not hispanic
I am not liberal
I am not conservative
I am not gay
I am not straight
I am not man
I am not woman
I am not rich
I am not middle class
I am not poor
I am not a corporation
I am not my salary
I am not young
I am not old

I am not a group

I am me

I am heart
I am soul

I am light
I am love

I am joy
I am compassion

I am strength
I am weakness

I make mistakes
I excel

I am a unique color
unlike any other
in a Universe of unique colors

I am I

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15 thoughts on “Unique”

  1. I AM!!! My favorite kind of poem which points beyond what we usually think we are, and yet encompasses it as well. Thanks for sharing, Lori. I might have missed this gem while away & so busy during August. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for coming back to read it, Kathy. I was getting so tired of being put into a grouping by the media and felt the need to express it. I’m always a “grouping” and referred to in a generalization, as is everyone else in this modern society. While I am aware of Oneness, the One is purposely expressing as a multitude of uniqueness that I hope we can someday fully embrace. Well, I guess I went on a bit this time. I didn’t know if anyone who read this got that point, so … I guess I wrote it here. I figured you’d understand.
      You surely did have a busy August, and I enjoyed reading about it. Hugs.


    1. Thanks, Joy. I get tired of being judged as if I’m a group instead of an individual and needed to get it out. I appreciate you reading it.


  2. I love your poem and post on the Opal Lori, which, like the poem above, really demonstrates our uniqueness but that we’re connected at the same time. Interesting that you say your opal just disappeared – some people say that crystals and precious stones come into your life when you need them and leave when you’re done with them. I once had a clear quartz crystal that, despite never leaving the house, also disappeared.

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    1. Thanks for that thought about my Opal, Andrea. You may be right. I’ll never forget how it seemed to speak to me that day when I wrote the poem. Thanks for checking it out. I’m glad you liked it.


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