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Diversity and Unity


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The Symbolism of a Dream

shadows-3wmI had a dream … well actually, it was a nightmare. It’s pretty amazing how the brain conjures up fears from real life and puts them into our sleep state.

I’ve gone back and forth about sharing this dream. I think it has meaning, so I’ve decided to take a chance and share.

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Belief Bias Effect

People get confused when they hear something they agree with from someone they dislike.

Max hidingLikewise, people are often blind to bad ideas when they come from someone they admire. ~ Mike Rowe

Get ready, we’re going deep into the human psyche today.

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Why I’m a freak, reason #2


At one time I wanted a tattoo really bad, but I couldn’t make up my mind where and what type of art. Plus, the permanence put me off a bit. I mean, a tattoo is decorative, like earrings. Would I want to wear the same earrings for the rest of my life? I figured I’d get bored with the same art day after day. Yet, a tattoo could be the one rebellious thing I ever did in my life.

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