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The Word Above

Our modern society paints humanity with such dark, negativity. Yet, when I posted about my anxiety, I received kindness, thoughtfulness and caring from people who have only met me through a blog. As I pondered the paradox of the two, it brought forth the following poem.

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The Word Above

 by Lori (L. Virelli)


The word above,
is not about romance
family or friendship.


Do we really know
what the word above means?

Does it mean we feel deeply,
for only those in our family?

Does it mean we feel deeply,
for only those who
are of the same religion
or the same political affiliation?

Does it mean we feel deeply
for only those who are
the same ethnic background as us?

Do we believe,
what we’re being told,
that there are groups of us
who hate other groups?

I don’t believe it

Yes, there are individuals
spread about,
who hate
But, for the most part,
we are a benevolent society

nicarjam us 1 (449x573)The problem lies with feeling unloved

We all want to be loved

From the child
who cries in the crib for Mommy,
to the adult
who feels empty,
or drinks to quell emotions
and can’t pinpoint why

Even the terrorist
thinks the tactic of terror
brings forth human respect
and love from their god

Every single day,
we are bombarded
with the belittling
and the berating
of the human spirit.
From being grouped
into a category
that is considered haters,
to simply exhaling carbon,
or for saying the name of a football team,
or having an opinion
that may offend one person
out of millions,
because that person, too
feels unloved


The word above
is simple
yet we make it

westwater (476x800) wmRefuse to be grouped
Not only are you loved

You are love

Let us not be divided
by those who use
our need to be loved
as a stepping stone for power

We don’t hate our neighbor
We don’t hate a race
We don’t hate a religion
We don’t hate

We are love

We help our neighbor
without a thought
of race, religion or party affiliation

We are made out of an energy called



11 thoughts on “The Word Above”

  1. I’m so glad you found support from your blog commenters. It’s really amazing how bloggers can build a supportive community. 🙂 Lovely poem too!

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  2. We are love, indeed. Perhaps it’s possible to eventually smile easily as society tries to group and judge and fix–and realize that none of it is really true. What’s true is what shines through in this poem.

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  3. Beautiful poem, Lori.

    I’m experiencing a major shift in my attitude and way of thinking recently. And I think, as you seem to imply here, that if we look for darkness in the world around us, we will find it. If we look for good, we will find good.

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  4. Beautiful and heartfelt poem. I’m glad that the kindness given & the support your received uplifted you. I truly believe believe whatever we give the most power to is what prevails. Love begets love. I’m realistic enough to understand also there are and will likely always be anomalies, but they are lesser than their proponents would have us believe. The less power, air & attention we give them the harder it is for them to gain traction. At the same time we of course need to speak up and act against wrongs & injustice, but with kindness. Similarly, personally none of us are perfect, we need to find the best in ourselves in the kindest way. These are the lessons we are here to give expression to.

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  5. Glad you’re feeling better. I always draw support from those who comment on my blog too (or tweet me, etc.). It’s always nice to know there are others who’ve experienced the same things.

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