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Update Central

path-stream-bench (575x600) wmI’ve contemplated whether or not to share updates about my husband’s injury. I mean, this blog was not intended to be all about a recovery, but rather, about life’s lessons, studying human behavior, then learning and growing from it all. Why would people want to read about a man’s two broken feet?

The more I contemplated, the more I realized that the path we are on has lots of lessons to share. With each new day in this crisis, we discover something new about ourselves. For example, we should never sell ourselves short. There are so many things I thought I couldn’t do before this crisis, but now I’m doing them. This isn’t just a lesson for me, but I share it for all. There is a spirit of strength inside all of us.

But I digress, because this blog post is the latest update and lesson on our path.

I know I shared this particular theme before, but it’s always a good reminder. Today’s lesson … gratitude. Let me show you why. Below is a ‘before’ photo.

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Dynamic Gratitude

I’ve been meaning to join in with Kathy in the UP and Harula to do gratitude blogs, but I’ve been hard at work with my WIP. I’ve been just posting something when I get a moment here or there. Not my regular schedule.

Every morning I go to a corner sanctuary in my home for prayer and meditation. I read a brief reading from the Daily Word magazine, and then I go into my mantra. One day last week I found a reading especially dynamic. In fact, the title of that day’s reading was “Dynamic.” It focused on gratitude with a dynamic touch. I’d like to share it here as my gratitude blog. I wish I had time to share some of the specific things I’m grateful for, and the good deeds the others are sharing, but I think this sums it all up dynamically. I hope you think so too.

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