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I Am . . .

I wasn’t going to publish a post this week, but reading others’ blogs sparked some thoughts. I’ve expressed similar philosophy that I read in those posts many times. I even wrote it into my latest novel, yet I haven’t been taking my own advice.Is it true that we teach what we need to learn?

I recently wrote about how I’ve been struggling with some emotions that popped up unexpectedly. Things have improved somewhat, but I’m not where I’d like to be.

I’ll share one small aspect of the philosophy I’ve been referring to. It’s the “I am” theory. Whenever we use the words “I am,” we are creating who we are. If we say, “I am motivated,” our motivation will lead to something spectacular. If we say, “I am stupid” . . . you get the drift. With those words “I am,” we’ve created who we are and the world around us.

I haven’t been careful with the words “I am” lately.

Low and behold, the Universe decided to remind me of my own advice by speaking through fabulous bloggers. And if you doubt prayers are answered, or that the Universe responds to the signals we put out, these bloggers addressed that, too.At Garima’s “Be Inspired” blog, she wrote 14 points about how to be a winner. They were all great, and the second point resonated with me the most. “Be kind to yourself.” She said she might say to herself, “‘I am doubtful of my abilities and have disappointed someone. I’ve ruined this  . . . What’s the matter with me?’ But then, as is my habit, I paused and wondered if this is one of the ways I’ll learn more. Positive self-talk not only comforts you, but it also encourages you to think constructively. ‘Although I could’ve done better, I now know how.’”

At Crystal Byers blog, she quotes a book she’d been reading: “The [ego] operates according to your limiting false beliefs. This is the garbage that was stuffed into your subconscious . . .  as well as the decisions you’ve made about yourself that are less-than flattering or empowering. It gets validation from outside sources.”

And again at Garima’s Be Inspired blog she published yet another wonderfully inspiring post about surrender: “The ego craves power over everything. It establishes the boundaries and limitations within which you confine yourself. Surrender enables you to break free and enter what Deepak Chopra refers to as ‘the wisdom of uncertainty.’ Surrender allows you to fully connect with your source, where the entire universe conspires to support you.”

Thank you to Garima and Crystal for your empowering posts.I read their posts right in a row just as I had been berating myself. Their words have the underlying principle of the “I am” theory.

My own advice reflected back at me.

Thanks for throwing it in my face Universe. 😉

Does anyone else have trouble taking advice they give to others?


8 thoughts on “I Am . . .”

  1. I think as we age, we learn that as hard as we try, we cannot be all things to all people. And that’s okay. We continue to grow and evolve, hopefully taking the advice we so freely give to others. 💕

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