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The Near Future

With society polarized, inflation skyrocketing, war, and nefarious occurrences across the globe, what does the future look like? If things continue to get worse, might humanity be seeking hope?

As for me, I’ve been seeking hope for humanity for over a decade now. This is why I wrote Through His Disciples’ Eyes. What might the near future look like if things don’t change soon?

In the years 2029 to 2031, Max Greenwood is broken and so is society. While in despair, he comes across an obscure dead prophet’s message. Could Max have found a way to give hope to society?


Ozark, Missouri, April 30, 2031
Leaning forward with elbows on my knees, I clasped the diary of a dead woman in my hands and released a heavy breath. “Why me, Julia?”

I rested alone on a park bench overlooking a lake where morning mist hugged the water’s surface. Clinging to Julia’s diary, I slipped my fingers through thick hair and pulled strands into spikes.

Julia left her journal specifically for me, but I couldn’t bring myself to read her most private and personal words. The information it might reveal was usually what I lived for, so why hesitate?

I had researched her mentor, Joshua Cane, for personal reasons because I needed to find hope. It appeared she wanted me to write about him. I was a trained journalist—a war correspondent. Writing about a hippie-like modern day prophet did not fit my profile.

Chaos, upheaval, and tumultuous battles during the past decade brought society to search for a spiritual connection—something hopeful to hold onto. People began to discover the philosophy of a man named Tobias Jones. He claimed to have received enlightenment from the prophet, Joshua Cane. Both men were born over one hundred years ago and had long since died. Julia knew them.

If her diary revealed inspirational secrets from Joshua, would that make a profound difference in today’s dystopian world?

I opened the journal. Something fell out and landed at my feet. I leaned forward and brushed aside blades of grass. A key? Where did this come from?  . . . I shook the book for any other loose items. Nothing. A worn piece of clear tape scarcely clung to the back inside cover—beside it, the number 1717. Looked like the key had been taped there.

“What have you gotten me into, Julia?”


In my novel, Through His Disciples’ Eyes, Max is one of three lost souls who come across a spiritual message from a mystical, spiritual man. The tricky part for all of them is to face their own short falls and forgive themselves in order for unconditional love to embrace their souls. Are they able to get through the darkness and claim the all-encompassing love offered to them?

You can read an excerpt about the disciple Julia, here. And the disciple Tobias, here. Click on the book to read more descriptions of the plot.

If you’re up for a good, philosophical read, check it out to learn if Joshua’s message can heal the emotional scars of three disciples.



6 thoughts on “The Near Future”

    1. Hi L. The characters have to go through darkness to get to the light, but there is always light at the end of every tunnel, even when we can’t see it yet. In that there’s the hope, and I also hope my book communicates that hopeful message. Thanks for stopping by to read the excerpt. 🤗


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