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Just a Coincidence . . .

Today’s post was inspired by L. Marie’s blog from her post Day Brightener.

What was her day brightener?

A beautiful bouquet of vibrant daisies she bought for herself.

Buying flowers for herself sparked a memory of mine from years ago.

Actually, years and years ago when I lived in Florida.

My bio states that I had two stories published in the magazine Angels on Earth. This publication shares true stories of what seems like coincidences and/or unexplained miracles. One story I shared with them was about buying flowers for me – or maybe not. Read the story below and tell me what you think.

(Used a different author name back then so it’s blocked out).If interested, click on picture to read a brief post about my infertility story.



6 thoughts on “Just a Coincidence . . .”

    1. Hi L. Thanks for reading the story. It was a bit longer, but the editors shortened it. That happened to me when I’d been in the middle of trying and being let down every month. I figured you’d appreciate the flower story. I agree . . . Mother’s Day is for someone else. Hugs to you. 💗


  1. Sweet story. I don’t have kids either, Lori, so Mother’s Day for me has always been about giving, not getting. You were lucky to get that nice bouquet, but really it’s about being loved every day – kids or no kids.

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    1. I agree, Anneli. The date on that article was a long time ago. And the incident happened even some time before that publication. During those times, the ache of not being able to have children was still sharp and excruciating. While I’m long past that in my life now, the point of the story was how I felt looked after and acknowledged by something greater than me at that time. I had several similar “coincidences” happen to me during my time of grieving back then. Even though I’ve moved on now, I find what happened poignant, and I’m grateful for all I went through.

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