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This word “fairness” is thrown around a lot.

I’m a Libra, and while I’m not really into astrological signs, it describes me perfectly.

Justice, fairness, balance.

I’ve built my entire life on those things and work towards them every single day. I feel that my experience with those three things for over 50 years gives me some knowledge about them.

Fairness does not mean one-size-fits-all. We cannot even-out every single person’s quality of living in the world. If we balance reason and logic with emotion, we can see that is not possible, for the very reason that not everyone desires the same things.

I do not begrudge anyone their dreams and support their efforts to realize them. I believe anyone can reach their goals.

As for me, I do not want to live in a mansion or a castle.

All I want is to love and be loved.

Love has an unlimited supply.

I do not measure love by the amount of things I have or the amount anyone else has. There is no measurement to love, because it is eternal.

With the behavior of many in our world, especially the famous, it may seem that love does not exist. Many don’t even know that longing for love is at the core of their behavior.

I read once, in a book, that it is easier to say “I hate” than “I love.” It stated that the reason is because we fear being hurt. In turn, the ego takes over in place of our core spirits.

It seems to me, that many don’t know they’re actually longing for love. Even a terrorist, as filthy evil as one can get, chopping off heads and torturing women, think they do it to receive the love of their god.

I didn’t have this, or any post planned for today. I didn’t even want to post this week, because I’m so overwhelmed with what is going on in our world. A familiar sense of pending doom won’t stop hovering, and these words just flowed out of me. For some reason I felt moved to post them.

May somehow, some way, the society of this entire world discover the infinite offer of love.


21 thoughts on “Fairness”

  1. Hi Lori, so this is ANOTHER one of your blogs! My Lord, how do you do it?! Your post is very hearfelt and beautiful. Love IS all that we need. It makes the world a better place for all of us. If only everyone would realise it….xx

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    1. Hi Raili. This is my only blog. Maybe you’re thinking of another Lori? Thank you for the kind words and for clicking on my link. Good to read you, too. 🙂

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  2. What a lovely post, Lori. I am glad you posted it. Sometimes the words just rise up from our hearts and we must put them down. Afterward I sometimes feel a nervousness and think, “OK, here we go again, let’s see where the roller coaster goes!”

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  3. This post is very deep Lori. I grasped everything in-between the lines. It’s scary when we think of the way we’re heading in world. I believe as you’ve rightly written, that love is the only way out of the mess of our world. I’m glad you posted this.
    I hope you’ll have a wonderful Easter my friend.
    Much love to you and all that’s yours!

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  4. Thank you for this insightful and thoughtful post. So much of the world seems to be fixated with hatred and anger right now, it’s good to know there are still some sane and compassionate souls out there.

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    1. It does seem like the world has gone insane sometimes. Thank you, for the nice comment, Joy. Hope you had a nice vacation (if you’ve gone already).


  5. Hi, Lori. I know how you feel and agree that it is so easy to get disheartened with all that is happening in the world (near and far). Yet, we still can find a boat-load of goodness and love without having to look too far. I think if all we rely on is the mainstream media, we will, indeed, be miserable. I say turn off the news and spend time with pets and people who make you smile. Your faith in the future and in the essential goodness in humankind will return. It’s not a matter of putting your head in the sand; it’s a matter of survival!

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    1. Hi Lorna. It does seem like the propaganda media is running the world right now. I felt moved to post about love and followed that instinct. Thanks for reading.

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  6. Lori, it is quite difficult not to be totally disheartened by everything that is going on in the world. And all this campaigning for the elections is a bit overwhelming and frustrating to say the least. I protect myself from all this frustration and apprehension simply by not reading the news or watching TV. I find if I read the news or watch it on TV I get so depressed and feel so inadequate and powerless, it just darkens my days. I also believe all the people in the world that do horrible things to others, are self-serving and opportunistic will get what they deserve. We may never be a witness to it, but there is a fairness in the world, the good and the bad will be balanced eventually, we just may not see it, but to survive we have to believe it will come (eventually).

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    1. Hi SD. I have been watching the news to keep informed. Not that I trust the media to tell me the truth, but I keep informed by the candidates words. By their fruits I shall know them. I also like to know what’s happening in the world in case there is anything I can do to prepare. I usually follow up what the media says with research from all sources. The word “fairness” is thrown around as if it means everyone is supposed to have exactly the same thing. No one is supposed to have less and no one is supposed to have more. It just doesn’t work that way. Anyway, I was moved to post this about love, being unlimited. Thank you for your input.

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    1. All the love all of us need is there for us. I just wish the world knew it right now. Things are tense over here across the pond (elections). Thanks for reading, Andrea.

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