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I Wept

Yes, I wept for our world today.

I pray and meditate every morning to start my day off with a clear head. This morning I did a little something different. I fell to the floor in tears to beseech Divine guidance for not only me, but the world. What is it we need to do to be at peace? What is it we need to do to keep the liberty that our Creator gave us?

Originally I had a more light-hearted blog planned for today, but I feel a darkness hovering over our world that I can’t shake. I felt a strong pull to express my concerns.

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over while expecting different results. This is what humanity seems to do … keep repeating history. Are we humans insane?

Where did morality go, and why do people tie it only to dogma and/or religion? Why can’t morality be inherent in our hearts? Why don’t we know, inherently, what goodness means? Why don’t we want to help our brothers on our own, instead of making a government our keeper? Is red tape, bureaucracy, and the power to decide who is worthy of government doles the answer?

Responsibility. Why don’t we realize we are responsible for ourselves and our neighbors on our own? Why do we need a keeper who has the power to give and to take from us? Such a keeper needs to take in order to give. How does that make sense? How is that benevolent? When did we lose sight of our own power within? Why don’t we know that we have it in us to do anything?

We can choose to use our inherent divinity for good or for evil. This is a very strong power, and it seems like evil is spreading more than good these days.

Why doesn’t humanity see that things have progressively gotten worse in the last four years? We are being taught we aren’t good enough. We aren’t smart enough. We aren’t powerful enough. Some may not believe this of themselves, but still believe others aren’t good, smart or powerful enough to without supervision. They think a government must be the brains, the might and the caretaker for those “other poor and weak people.” Or perhaps, even for themselves.

Our keeper is dividing us, by teaching that humans need the government. We are divided because some of us believe in our keeper’s word that it will take care of us (while all along it wants power and control). Others of us know the power lies within.

This is how our keeper divides humanity. They take those two mindsets above and set them against each other. Division is then an excuse to continue the need for a keeper.

If society relies on an all-powerful, centralized regime, we are telling all humans that they are not good enough. We are telling humans that they do not know how to take care of themselves. Humans are too weak and/or stupid. Humans are not made of powerful stuff. Humans are not made in the Creator’s image and will never make it without a regime to decide our fates. Humans were not given the freedom to make both right and wrong decisions, but instead, need to be parented by a regime.

My fellow humans with divine souls, you are strong, smart and I believe in you. We are one. We must turn within and start living from this goodness we all possess. Living for outer things promised to be given to us by a regime, is the darkness that will conquer us all. Such a darkness has conquered before, and might happen again, before humans can truly find and live from their light within.

As I prayed and centered this morning, I searched for answers on how to avoid a conquering darkness. The only thing that came to mind was to write this on my blog today. I asked for inner-guidance . . . if posting this was the right thing to do. The answer that came to mind was, it’s always the right thing to do when it comes from your heart.


10 thoughts on “I Wept”

  1. Hugs, my friend…oh why won’t the world be at peace? it’s a question I ask, too. Last night I got in a minor disagreement with my parents about political candidates. I listened to myself sounding snippy and irritable. And saw, once again, how peace must start in our own hearts. And how hard that can be at times. I find it easier to want the world to be at peace than to sometimes embrace my own inner self in all-encompassing love. Sigh…wishing us all peace…


    1. Good awareness to catch yourself getting snippy and irritable. It’s actually human to have feelings that express themselves that way, but it’s an enlightened person to catch oneself and adjust. 🙂 Thanks for your input, Kathy.


  2. It is absolutely RIGHT to share what’s going on in your heart no doubt. Wonderfully honest here and things will no doubt take a turn for the better. They have to. 🙂


  3. Lori, dont’ cry for the world – we will never learn, we are not careful with anything – we don’t have any recept for others and their belongings. We don’t care for the hunger, the wars .. the suffering .. the pains, so long it’s not on our own doorstep. I say we – because there is more of us that don’t care then cares. We feel sorry for a couple of minutes when we see something on TV or read it in a newspaper – then we go on with our lives … I don’t think it will be a change for the better, because we are too tired to deal with other peoples problems, we have enough of our own. But we don’t need to do that much to make a difference – we have to start in a small scale – we can’t take on everything in one go. I’m the same … but I try to make a difference a small one everyday. I do that through drink a mineral water .. that gives the same amount fresh water to needed around the world – as they sell. Last year they gave away 60 million liters to Africa. If I see somebody crying or not looking to feel to good, I always ask if if there is something I can do. Even if the person maybe are drunk. But there is a lot more I can do, becuase I have the time. So why don’t I ?????


    1. Viveka, you said it all when you said we don’t need to do that much. If each one of us turns to the right of us, or turns to the left of us and helps that one neighbor, than everyone is being helped. My elderly neighbors asked me to help them take care of things at their house this weekend while they are away. I am helping. They don’t need intervention from anyone else. I am here for them. Simple. 🙂 Thanks so much for your thoughts my blogging sister.


      1. Yes, I think it’s the little things that we can make a difference in – then there is the big issue that our goverments have to take care off – but they don’t. Looking after your neighbors home while they are gone – is a wonderful gesture – it’s to give a little bit of you to them. Have a great weekend.


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