Like An Opal

by Lori (L. Virelli)

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My eyes landed on the opal ring.
Florescent greens, pinks, reds, yellows,
lilacs, silvers and golds

sparkled more awesome than ever before.
Each color with its own unique hue,
expressed an inexplicable beauty.

Mesmerized by the glowing stone,
an awareness came over me.

Like an Opal are We.

The stone is not whole without its colors,
and the colors cease to shine without the stone.
The stone and colors are one,
and cannot be separated.
The stone is the solid foundation,
and the colors its shining beauty.

Like an Opal are We.

We each have awesome, colorful Spirits,
shining brightly our own unique hue.
Like an Opal, we mold together as one,
in a loving Capsule of beauty.
Like an Opal, our Creator is whole
by expressing through us.
Like an Opal, our colors fade away
without our Creator.

Like an Opal, our colors are one with God,
and cannot be separated.
Like an Opal, God is our Solid Foundation,
and we are God’s shining colorful beauty.

The above poem came to me one day, after prayer and meditation time with God. So, bear with me as I dive deeper.

The poem explains how we are all one with the One … the Creator. We all have the same divine nature, but that doesn’t mean we are the same. We are unique individuals with specific talents and desires to fulfill, much like the unique colors in the opal.

Our Creator gives us equal opportunities to choose either from our divine nature, or from our ego. It’s our choice, our responsibility, not the Creator’s, not our next-door neighbor’s, and certainly not our government’s job to make our choices for us.

Like the opal, our uniqueness completes a well-rounded wholeness as the One. As unique individuals, we are not meant to conform into uniformity. An opal would not be an opal if all its colors turned white like the color of its outer shell.

The “poor” and the “rich,” the “winners” and “losers,” all are given equal opportunity under our Creator to choose what suits our souls while we’re here. No one, not the rich, not the banks, nor big corporations are stealing anything from anyone. Our Creator is infinite, and there is enough to go around for everyone. The only way something is stolen, is if a thief or an oppressive government kicks down our doors and steals our earnings away from us.

We have a choice to believe in ourselves and shine our unique colors brightly, or to dim our lights, but no one else can shine our unique hue for us.

Or, perhaps I’m wrong about all of this … it’s not up to me to decide for anyone else.



  1. That image are beautiful .. didn’t know that opal could shimmer like that. Not a poem reader – but I understand you really know how to use the words. .


  2. Great poem & post. I wear a quite sizeable blue/green opal ring almost every day. It’s my “might as well be” ring given to me by the G.O. I love it & often lose myself in the colours. For me it represents the magic & magic of the Universe. Opals have considerable metaphysical properties, and is said to be the writer’s stone 🙂


    1. As I told Margarita, the poem really did come to me after meditating. The ring seemed to speak to me with the answers I’d been seeking. And btw, the opal is my birthstone. I had a beautiful stone I’d worn since I was a child, then one day it just disappeared. I long for another one. Thanks for reading it and commenting, EllaDee


  3. I usually use the analogy of a multi-faceted gem: it’s the same Light that shines through the gem, and expresses differently depending on the facet it traverses. So are we, multi-faceted. We are not meant to be static. We are not meant to be uniform. Each one of us is a perfect expression of the Divine, expressing perfectly unto infinity. We forget that, and we suffer.

    I like the opal analogy, Lori. It never occurred to me! How’s your elbow? xoM


    1. Thanks Margarita. It truly came to me after meditating over the concept of ONE. I was confused, and then the opal spoke to me when I opened my eyes. It was very cool. Thanks for reading it.


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