It works out in the end

uk35140I thought I’d post an update  from my last winded blog post about my husband’s injury and the debacle of his scheduled procedures.

It turns out that the surgeon (who is the best in the area, we are very pleased with him) is scheduled for surgeries months in advance. For people like my husband who came to the surgeon in an emergency, they have spots to fit him in. Our scheduler did not make us aware that was the case. She just told us he was booked up. We assumed my husband was being left in the lurch.

We have everything scheduled in the same week we thought, except not the day we wanted. Looks like I have to rearrange my schedule for theirs, but what else is a wife to do? They only do surgery on one specific day that week.

Good news: Healing is on schedule. His pain is next to nothing at this point. Yesterday they removed the cast from his left foot and replaced it with a boot. Next Thursday the outer apparatus (external fixater) will be removed (surgery) and replaced with a boot.

gfixcastCast was getting rank. Bye, bye cast. Only one more week for all those nuts and bolts.

Bad news: His pain will return after the surgery from the removal. He still cannot have any weight bearing on either foot for another five weeks.

We are focusing on the good news … the next phase of recovery has begun. The scheduling didn’t work out exactly on the day we wanted, but still in the timing needed for his moving forward. We trust all will work out in the end with his healing. Just like the scheduling, it may not be completely back to perfect, but it will be enough for him to live his normal life again.

I want to thank all of you who wrote supportive input in the comment boxes for me. May you be blessed.

I have some interesting blogs drafted. They need to be edited yet, but I hope to see you when those get posted.


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  1. It’s such a long road to recovery, but I’m glad to hear your husband is making progress. I hope you can both get through those next 5 weeks without any setbacks or additional trials. It must be so hard to stay off one’s feet for so long!

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  2. Well that’s probably about as good an outcome as you could hope for after your frustrating conversation with the scheduler.

    Onward HO! 🙂


  3. I can’t get to email, wiil call tomorrow, need your knowledge on rehabs, new boot looks good, too late to call so good nite and catch you am love MomJoan


  4. Forward progress, and good news is what matters. It’s nice to hear your upbeat take on it – things happen regardless of if you have a positive or negative response to them but being happy makes it so much more pleasant 🙂

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    1. I like this, EllaDee, “things happen regardless of if you have a positive or negative response.” Great point. I don’t know about being happy, but I do think a good attitude matters, and it can help bring forth more desirable outcomes. Thanks so much for pointing this out. Hey, I think together we came up with a pretty good wisdom quote. ;-P

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    1. The pain was excruciating in the beginning. Thankfully that has subsided, but it will get bad again after next week’s surgery. Thanks so much for the support.


  5. I’m glad he’s able to move forward with the surgery, but I’m sorry he’ll have to go another five weeks without weight bearing. I imagine he–and you–are going out of your minds with that constraint. Stay strong, you two.

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