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Spreading Smiles

happy max wm 2

This photo makes me smile and hopefully it will make you smile too. He (Max) looks so happy.

Last Monday I shared in a blog post about something that makes me smile. I then challenged any other bloggers to share something that made them smile, hoping we can spread the happiness.

Let me thank Harula for helping me to spread some smiles on her blog, here.

I’d also like to thank ChittleChattle for sharing smiles, here.

Miss Sloan is going to share another smile one day this week. Her usual inspirational blogs can bring a smile to anyone’s face. You can find an example, here, but check back for her smiles blog later this week.

I know I’m using the word ‘smile’ frequently, but how can that be a bad thing? Hopefully these blogs are spreading smiles that people feel down to the core.

Okay, here is a video that makes me smile every time. The video maker is the same guy who did the funny dog tease video that went viral and made millions smile. Blessings and joy to all.


16 thoughts on “Spreading Smiles”

  1. Lots of smiles to be had in this post – a lovely photo indeed, and the video made me laugh out loud. Thanks for linking back to me:-) Now I need to follow some of the others!


  2. That video was great! I love the contrast between the black dog and the orange cat in their willingness (or nonwillingness…) to answer some questions. So cute.


  3. check out my reblogged blog today of the cat who wants to be a dog–this made me smile! I cannot claim any talent for this post other than the fact that I knew to reblog it
    Love the pic of the pup


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