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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

The Weekly Photo Challenge called my name again. Since I don’t blog every day, and I already had blogs scheduled, I’m posting it two days before the next challenge.

I have three photos hanging over my fireplace mantel. When I first put them there, I loved the contrast between the two old photos and the new photo. I loved that you could see the difference in generations, in eras, and yet still see the similarity.

Little did I realize how fast time would fly, and now the middle photo is no longer new either, but old as well. They are all nostalgic now.

From left to right on my mantel, this one is first, my paternal grandparents, Jo & Jim, aka Josephine and James. I don’t know what year they married, but knowing the year my dad was born, it’s likely late 1930’s.

JJD wm

In the middle is the “new” photo, Gary and Lori’s wedding, aka, Gary & Lori. In case you couldn’t tell by the veiled hat, it took place in the mid 1980’s. As you can see, I was only nine years old when I married.

GLR wm

To the far right of the mantel are my maternal grandparents, Lee & Pat, aka, Levia & Pasqual. Again, it’s likely in the late 1930’s.

PLD wm

Aside from the fact that they are in different eras with different fashions, can you tell that there is something different about one of them? One of these things is not like the other.

It’s unfortunate that I won’t have another generation’s photos to add to the wall, but these pictures bring back warm nostalgic memories of my beloved grandparents. If your at all curious about why there will not be another generation of photos on my wall, I’ll be posting a little something about it on my blog on Monday.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is here.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic”

  1. Lori, it was nice looking at photos of your family members. Good think Linda hazarded a guess. I could have stared for 15 minutes and not figured it out. (Or would have thought it was something deeper, lol.) Hope to see your blog tomorrow and read what you plan to share.


    1. Thanks for checking out the photos of my family, Kathy. I thought the photo with the groom on the opposite side was odd. I don’t think it’s customary for the groom to stand on that side. It’s not that I’m not open-minded, just thought it was unusual. BTW, the post coming up on Monday is going to be deep and personal. For some reason I feel the need to share it, so here it comes …


  2. Just wonderful …. for the challenge and the photos – 9 years old … you look very developed for your age I must say. 3 different times … but the reason was the same – LOVE for a lifetime.


    1. Hi EllaDee. I have a couple of photos of one of my grandmothers where you couldn’t tell if it was me or her had they not been from different eras. I wonder where you see the resemblance. Thank you for sharing in these photos with me.


    1. Not so silly. You’re actually close. The groom is on the opposite side in one of them. Thanks for sharing in them with me, Linda.


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