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Do you like Funny Words?

This is the full photo on the background of my blog.
This is the full photo on the background of my blog.

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry liked to say the word “salsa?” I didn’t realize until then that there are words that I like to say too. There’s something about the way they roll of the tongue and through the lips.

I thought it would be fun for us bloggers to post some favorite English words we like to say. Like in my happy smiles posts, how ’bout we spread some fun with words? I’ll post a few here today. If anyone else would like to join in and post about their favorite words, then link back to my post, I’ll put up a few more next Monday and link back to you. Oh, and let’s skip really vulgar words. The one word that’s absolutely excluded is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

I thought it would be fun to share where we first heard them if we remember.

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Lollygag. To loiter aimlessly.

I’ve heard this word since I was a child. Mom used to say it when I’d be dragging my feet to do something. It started tickling my funny bone when I worked in customer service, and customers used to tell me about their lives. One guy told me his wife always said he lollygagged around. His Rochester, New York accent was very similar to my Chicago accent. I’d repeat the word back to him, he’d repeat it again and we’d go back and forth. The ‘gag’ sounded almost like we were actually gagging.

Kibosh. To put an end to.

This one I love to say with my Chicago-Italian accent. I remember my family saying it, and my grandmothers. It always sounded comical when they said it.

Onomatopoeia. The formation of a word by imitation of a sound. example: meow, boom, woof.

I admit that this is a new word for me. I found it by accident. While I was working on my WIP, I wanted my reader to be able to hear the sound in the scene that I was writing. So, I started searching online for something, and this word popped up. It’s funny to say.

Okay, there is one more word that I’m going to share, but according to the dictionary, it’s not actually a word. I heard it on my favorite TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond.

Galumphy. Lori’s definition – clutzy, cloddy

What do you say? Do you have any you’d like to share on your blog?


10 thoughts on “Do you like Funny Words?”

  1. I’ve known the word Onomatopoeia for years. But I never remember what it means.

    There was something I kept repeating the other day. I must have enjoyed saying it because I repeated it so much that my son started making fun of me. But I can’t for the life of me remember what it was!


  2. I like gobblygook (sp?) which JK Rowling used as the official language of the goblins.


  3. I love crunchy and smooth words! Poignant is a smooth one I try to save for poignant occasions. 🙂 Bumfuzzle… Is it really a word? Serendipity. Whee!! Sorry for not obeying the rules and posting them on my blog. Tee hee


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