Why I’m a Freak Reason #3

Before I explain about my latest “freak” blog. I want to ask you to please come visit on Wednesday. I’ll be putting up a free memoir read of my writing, including photos. It’s a funny story so please check back. Working title for the Blog Post is “Son, Can You Play Me A Memory …” Title of the memoir is The Sweet Revolting Development. Now … on to my freak blog …

There was a time, as a naive, young woman, when I romanticized relationships. Here I am, now married for 26 years, and can’t help but laugh at the sappiness of it all. (Is sappiness a word? Don’t ask me, I’m just a writer).

Reason why I’m a freak #3 … I don’t like Valentine’s Day.

Okay, and ready for a controversial statement?

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