Why I’m a Freak Reason #3

Before I explain about my latest “freak” blog. I want to ask you to please come visit on Wednesday. I’ll be putting up a free memoir read of my writing, including photos. It’s a funny story so please check back. Working title for the Blog Post is “Son, Can You Play Me A Memory …” Title of the memoir is The Sweet Revolting Development. Now … on to my freak blog …

There was a time, as a naive, young woman, when I romanticized relationships. Here I am, now married for 26 years, and can’t help but laugh at the sappiness of it all. (Is sappiness a word? Don’t ask me, I’m just a writer).

Reason why I’m a freak #3 … I don’t like Valentine’s Day.

Okay, and ready for a controversial statement?

I don’t like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Sweetest Day either (and why do we need TWO of those sappy “be mine” holidays?). I know, I know, I’m not a mom so I can’t understand what a day like Mother’s Day means to women.

You might say I’m cynical, and perhaps it’s true. But, as a wife, I don’t want to be appreciated only one day of the year. I also don’t want anyone to buy my love with expensive gifts or even a card, only to take advantage of my presence in their life the rest of the year.

My husband and I have a standing Valentine’s Day date at the Florida State Fair every year for deep fried Twinkies and Elephant Ears. (I know you healthy-food bloggers out there are cringing, but hey, it only comes around once a year.) We completely forget it’s Valentine’s Day and just enjoy the fun like we would any other day at the Fair. We giggle when we see the cutsie youngin’s living their fairytale romance, as the boyfriend puffs out his chest with pride after winning his girl a stuffed Dalmatian puppy.

Btw, why is it the man, and not the woman, who always has to express their love in some grand gesture? And why aren’t anniversaries and birthdays enough? Even those don’t do anything for me. As I type this, I miss my husband after a wonderful weekend together, and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day yet, or an anniversary, who knew? (These are rhetorical questions, in case anyone gets the urge to help me out with an answer 😉 )

Don’t get me wrong, I always remember my parents on the “other” holidays. I’m grateful they’re still with me, but I want them to know I love and appreciate them every day of the year. Not just once a year.

Love you Mom and Dad.

So, there you go, my Valentine’s-Day-#3-reason-why-I’m-a-freak rant. Soon, I’ll be eatin’ me a corn dog and some chocolate covered bacon. I do exaggerate a bit about which food I’ll choose at the Fair, but not too much. 😉

And, more freak behavior coming up here, in Why I’m a Freak, Reason #4.

7 thoughts on “Why I’m a Freak Reason #3”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I wrote my sentiments about Valentine’s Day in a post called “Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day” and the gist of it was that Valentine’s Day does not sit well with me. It was meant to be funny, but the feelings were real. I caught a tiny bit of heat for my cynical attitude. And Hallmark is making millions off of the people who buy into these made-up holidays!


  2. Thank you James (I say as I’m blushing … okay, not really, but I humbly accept your kind words). Just got back from the Fair, stomach full of food. Plan to put up some photos later in the week.


  3. You’re not cynical at all Lori. You have a lovely heart, and you know love doesn’t require a designated public holiday.


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