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Light at the end of the tunnel

So, what’s new with you readers? Is there anything happening out there in the world? There’s nothing to talk about. I mean, life is so dull lately. Nothing is happening.

What’s that you say? There IS something happening? How did I miss it?

I’ve been tossing around blog ideas about what to post, but I don’t know what’s appropriate at this time. My usual nature kicked into gear, going deep, and analyzing what the heck is going on and why.

There have been epidemics and pandemics before, and people didn’t stop their lives. Schools didn’t close. State governments didn’t force independently owned restaurants to close. People didn’t clean out grocery stores of toilet paper and disinfectants. Why this time?

If you’ll indulge me for this one sentence, the media is surely not helping to calm nerves.

Having said that, fear of not being able to control what happens is a big part of the panic. What is it that people can take control of to calm their fears?

There is no way to control who gets a virus. We don’t know if it will be us or a loved one. So, running to the store and buying things gives people a false sense of control. At least they’re doing something that feels productive. Yet it won’t stop a virus.

Will closing all public places down and staying locked away at home stop the spread? Maybe. But how long do we have to lock ourselves away, watch businesses fade and the economy crumble before we know if it’s safe to step outside again?

I’m not going to lie, I’m a person who likes to be in control. Years ago, I even used to try and control other people. I thought if I just said the right thing, or did the right thing, I could get a person to do what I thought was best. Thankfully, I’ve long out grown that character flaw. Unfortunately, I see that many who are put in charge have not outgrown that same flaw.

The one person I’ve always wanted to be in control of, and still do, is myself. The reason why I never experimented with drugs in my youth, was because I didn’t want something else to control me. A virus may control how my body feels, but it’s by accident. People controlling my choices, forcing me to do things against my will, well that’s something I don’t take kindly to. My automatic reflex is to fight back. In some cases (as my mother-in-law learned), I’ve been known to do the exact opposite of what I’m being told I have to do.

Digging deeper into this mess, what’s scarier than the virus to me, is peoples’ fear. A chain reaction from a virus can cause an economy to crash. Peoples’ need to have it all fixed might cause them to allow others to control them and their world. Who will those others be? Will they be Christ-like figures who can make everything better?

Of course not.

For a time, people may be willing to give up freedoms. Eventually, the reflex to fight back against control/tyranny is human nature. Somewhere down the line, if others are in control, human nature will reflex.Yeah, I went there, but there is a rainbow after a storm.

So, that’s my good news for the day. What’s yours?


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    1. Hi Lynette. You were overseas? Were you on holiday? Where did you go? Was that when you went to the Caribbean? My husband had to go on a business trip last week and was nervous about it. Just today he was told to go in to work in the morning and make sure his staff has everything they need to work remotely. By tomorrow afternoon, he’ll be working from home for the next 2 weeks.

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      1. It was a working holiday that had been planned for a long time. I had no concerns when I departed 10 days ago, but while I was away (and as you know) things started to go sideways very fast. My airline is shutting down regular service at midnight on Sunday, except for repatriation flights. I will be working from home starting on Monday because I will be in self-isolation (required for any Canadian who has been abroad). It has been a frenetic time and Iโ€™m going to be glad to be in Toronto tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. Do you have a home in Toronto for self-isolation, or is that just where you’re going to be working from? Sorry, I got confused.

          My husband flew domestically on business when things went sideways fast. Hopefully that’s okay, although he said people were coughing on the plane on the way home. ๐Ÿ˜•

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          1. No, I donโ€™t. Toronto is just my first stop on return to Canada. And at this stage, Iโ€™m also getting conflicting direction as to where I should self-isolate, at home in British Columbia or at my work-home in NWT. Iโ€™m trying to ascertain that before I get on the flight to Toronto. So confusing!

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      1. The days of unbiased reporting are gone. How often have the Captain and I said about protests and often the violence that comes with it, “If the media weren’t there looking for a story there wouldn’t be one.” It’s almost as if the hooligans in some of the news videos are saying to the camera men, “Are you ready? Watch me throw this brick at the cops.” And so it is with a lot of the news stories – they fan the flames. To top it off, the reporters give their opinion on the news they report. I thought their job was to report the events, not to comment on them and give us their spin on the news.

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  1. Several years ago I had to let go of trying to control situations that I had no control over. It was taking a toll on my health both physically and mentally. It can be difficult for some people to replace fear with faith, sadly some never do. As for the virus, I have faith in the experts and the hours upon hours they are putting in to prevent a high mortality rate, along with keeping our economy solvent. This is unknown territory which initially will always create fear. Letting my faith be bigger than my fear helps to keep me from being one of those wrestling over a package of toilet paper. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I totally understand, Jill. You’re so right about this being unknown territory, and it’s pretty basic to have a fear of the unknown. I think the Serenity Prayer is a good one for times like these.

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  2. My state has shut down non-essential business. The good news is that my husband and I are at home waiting it out and we actually like each other. We rarely get on each other’s nerves and if it gets close, one will go for a walk or do a project and all is better.

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    1. Good thing you two get along. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      My husband is the manager of a department. He just got word that tomorrow morning he has to go in and make sure everyone takes home what they need to work remotely (from home) for the next 2 weeks. He has worked from home on and off over the years, so we’ve got a system and do well with it.

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