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Caught It

What did you think when you read the title of this blog? Did your mind go to the notorious virus that the media is exploiting? Maybe you just thought I caught a football, but I’d understand if you thought the former.

Stay far away for virus purposes

About ten days ago I was at my dad’s birthday party and spent time with my nephews there. One of them had a cold. On Monday after (a week ago yesterday), I had a sore throat. By Tuesday morning I woke with a plugged nose and a stomach bug too. My stuffed head lasted through Friday, then coughing started. The coughing lasted two days. I never had a fever, and I’m 70% better today.

I mostly stayed home while I was sick, and I canceled a chiropractor appointment. I didn’t want to spread the cold, not to mention, I didn’t want to scare people . . . that’s the media’s job. Certainly, I didn’t have the notorious virus . . . my symptoms did not match the profile.

Switching gears a bit here, because I was at home and sick, I spent a lot of time on my computer. I worked on cleaning up the first draft of my Work-in-Progress novel. I also surfed the internet a lot. At one point, I fiddled around with checking out my blog stats and the searches that reach my blog.

For the first few years of Lori’s Lane, many searches landed on my post titled, It’s Not a Butt, It’s a Recipe. In those days it showed the search terms as, “Big White Butt.” You see, the first line of that blog post says, “No, this is not a picture of my big white butt.”The post is actually a recipe for focaccia bread.

After those first few years, WordPress stopped showing search terms for my blog. I don’t know if this happened to everyone, but all I can see now is that someone searched the internet and found an old post. The latest one that searches seem to be landing on is my post titled, The Feet Chronicles. Like I said, I can’t see the search terms, but it makes one go, hmm. 🤔

The Feet Chronicles was about the long list of family feet injuries we’d been going through from 2014 through 2016.

Needless to say, anyone searching either of those two subjects has likely been sorely disappointed when they found my posts.

How are you feeling these days? Anyone get the regular flu? Are you afraid of the notorious virus? What blog post have searchers found on your blog?


10 thoughts on “Caught It”

    1. Yes, the implications are of more concern to me as well. Everything is shutting down already. Even my husband’s company is working from home as a precautionary measure. No one is sick there.


  1. The latest report here in NC is that seven people have tested positive for the virus. Even though I do immunosuppressive therapy, I’m not afraid of this virus, but that doesn’t mean I’m not concerned about my parents who live in a continuing care facility.

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    1. I know what you mean, Jill. My mom just called to tell me that her facility is on lock down. No one in or out, as a preventative measure. I hope all stays well at your parents facility.


  2. After spending time in the ER for an unrelated problem, my husband now has a cold. Standard variety cold. Not the flu or the notorious virus. Still, he is staying put. He doesn’t feel like going and out and he would terrify people. People be crazy!

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    1. Hope your husband feels better soon. Some tips; high doses of vitamin C and lots of chicken soup has helped me. Also, Theraflu nighttime helped me breathe at night.

      Yep. Keep your husband indoors, because, well, you know . . . people be crazy! 🤪😁

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  3. I’ve read your bread post. I remember you telling me a long time ago about the search hits you were getting on that post. Pretty funny. 🙂

    No, no coronavirus over here. I had a cold back in January. And yes, I do believe that the media is pounding this virus thing and also Megxit. Are they bored? 😉 My airline is washing the airplanes from ceiling to floor with Javex bleach. Everyone is wearing gloves (masks don’t work all that well but the visiting Asians wanting to see the Northern Lights are only masked). I’m travelling anyway, natch, but with hand sanitizer. I always do. Apparently the symptoms of this are often really mild and people often don’t know they have it, which shows why it’s spreading so quickly. The people most at risk are those who already have a health problem, are elderly or who live on the streets. I think the paranoia is worse than the disease. 😉

    Megxit. They are welcome to move here and lead whatever type of life they want, but we have laws against bowing, scraping and titles. Weird. We have a queen, but Canadians are not allowed to take titles (you can, but you have to give up your citizenship). So, none of that. 😉 But I get irritated by the NY Times calling Vancouver Island an “outpost.” Or other media outlets expressing surprise at their choice of country. Yikes.

    Search terms. The only ones I seem to get are about narcissism. Occasionally I’ll see some, but not that often any more. I’m not sure what’s going on there.

    Have a good day and don’t let the viruses or search terms get you down. 😀

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    1. We’ve heard about the Megxit thing, but it’s not being overblown here. I mean, it was a big deal until the virus, and now it’s all virus all the time, which they’ve made into something political. The news is on it 24/7. I’ve heard very little else reported.

      I actually found the searches comical. I mean, I can’t imagine what type of people are doing searches on feet. 🤪

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