A Sea of Gulls

sea of gulls wmThese little fellows waited for us few humans on a Florida beach to toss them some scraps. They didn’t wait too long, because one of them buzzed me and grabbed a cracker out of my hand. Little devil. I wish people wouldn’t feed them. Sigh.

So, as I’ve written in a past blog, Mom finally arrived on Thursday without a hitch. Well, a couple of tiny hitches, but nothing major. I couldn’t find her at the airport for way too long. For a few scary moments, I thought I either missed her get off the plane or she fell out. She finally showed up.

Since then we’ve cooked and baked to ready for Thanksgiving. We’ve shopped and relaxed at a beach restaurant.

mom lori wmMy bro arrived in the area with his family of five on Saturday. Can you tell these boys have never seen an ocean beach?

sand boy 1 wmOh what fun it is to play with nephews all the day. Hee, hee.

Just thought I’d pop in and share a little of my family fun. I’m enjoying every moment, since I don’t know that this will every happen again.

Have a great Thanksgiving to my American friends and a wonderful week for everyone.



  1. Very nice …. I’m sure you had a fantastic Thanksgiving … I could do the beach, the shopping … the beach restaurant … but not the Thanksgiving turkey. A very joyful post, Lori.


    1. The trip is over for the kids. Mom is still here for a couple more days. We’ve had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about us, Kathy. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    1. Yeah, it was great to have them here in my home for Thanksgiving. Now it’s all over, but I have the great memory. Thanks for reading about it, Lauren. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    1. Heh, thanks Linda. The camera is far enough away not to see my age. I’m enjoying every minute while it’s here, since it’s a once in a lifetime visit. Have a great holiday, my friend.


      1. That’s the best way to live. You savor things so much more. Worrying about when it will happen again spoils things imho.


    1. Thanks, JM. Getting thunderstorms and have a tornado watch tonight from that same system. Hopefully it’ll all be gone in the morning for more family fun. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Sea gulls – a sea of gulls – LOL

    You’re right Lori – many people feed animals and when things get out of hand —- In Singapore, monkeys routinely raid homes and these very same people want the authorities to ‘cull’ the creatures. They don’t say ‘kill’ because these people are all upstanding members of society.

    Enjoy your family – the boys are really having fun, it seems 🙂


    1. The beach was windy and a bit chilly, but the temps were perfect for northerners. I’m a fan of temps in the 60’s myself. Thanks for stopping by, Andy.


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