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Not Dagwood’s Blondie

Shh, don’t tell Max I told you, but he has a girlfriend. Her name is Blondie.

Uh-oh, I think he knows I told his secret, he looks embarrassed.

Click for a better look, it’s adorable.

Well, as long as the secret is out, I’ll tell you how they met. We usually walk toward the west, since that’s the way to the lake. We have to pass Blondie’s house in that direction. She welcomed him into her yard one day, and the love story began.

Blondie is one sweet girl, and when she sees Max she gets all a flutter.

One morning we approached her home just in time to catch her fetching the newspaper for her daddy.

Max is polite and always greets Blondie and her Dad.

Sometimes, we meet her in the field by the lake, and they play fetch. Blondie always lets Max have the ball. Good thing, because Max likely wouldn’t let her have it … he’s selfish that way. Max isn’t always the friendliest with other dogs, so we know he loves Blondie.

Over the weekend, Max hurt his front paw with his bullish way of fetching the tennis ball. He’s seems to be feeling better, but sometimes I still recognize a slight limp. I’m still in some pain with this mouse elbow too. Max handles his pain much better than I do mine.

Regarding the title of this blog, I’m referring to the American comic strip Blondie. Dagwood is the name of Blondie’s husband in the cartoon. Many of you may be too young to remember the TV show. I guess the comic strip is still around, according to Wikipedia.

So, Max’s secret is out. I think he’ll feel much better now that he can be more open about his love for Blondie.

Have a wacky and wonderful weekend everyone.

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